Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Delaware Water Gap Pa, NJ June 2007

Over the weekend Martin and I decided to go on a little romantic venture hiking at the Delaware Water Gap. The little town is very cute and quaint and had hikers passing through with huge backpacks. There are two sides that you can climb on, either the Jersey side of the Pennsylvania side. We went and climbed the Jersey side and got to Sunfish pond, climbed a mountain of rocks and then climbed down. It took about 5 hours total. We found out at the bottom though that if we had kept walking four more miles, we would have hit the top of the mountain, where there are huge rocks and a 360 degree view! Apparently many people open their tents here and sleep over night, including many of the hikers who take the 6 month hike up the whole Appalacian trail from Georgia all the way to Maine! I don't know that we'll do that next time, lol:) but we decided next time to bring the tent and hike up there and sleep over night on the rocks! They sell little portable heated pans that we can use to cook! It sounded so cool, if anyone wants to go on less expensive adventure you should totally try this! I have to remind you if you go, bring bug spray or bug wipes and water! We had them and a few bugs came close but none landed on us, it was a nice relief:) (but we very forgetfully left the water in the car!) Here are a few pics.

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