Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bronx Zoo Bronx NY March 2007

Over the weekend Martin and I decided to head out to the Bronx Zoo in NY. While we were there we joined the Wildlife Conservation Society membership program. With the membership, we get access to the Bronx, Central Park, Brooklyn and Queens Zoos and also the NY Aquarium unlimited for a year. Its a really great deal and we also got free parking passes, we joined a family membership (don't have to be related to do it) and this only costed 120 together, however if you want to join, you can do so online at and get an associate membership for only 25, which gives you access to all the zoos and the NY Aquarium in Coney Island, and they also send you a free tshirt! (this one doesn't include parking passes or attraction member passes (which includes stuff like the skyride). Its a great cause to be a part of and to contribute to. Here are a few pics of what the Bronx Zoo looks like:

Martin and I were talking about something afterwards and we came up with a question that maybe someone out there can help us with...If we did descend from gorillas, why are the gorillas and us humans here together today? (I'm posting this almost a year later from when I originally wrote this blog...I've since taken biology class in my masters program and it turns out, humans and apes were at one time at the same place in evolution, and new DNA somehow was introduced and we split, gorillas with new DNA went towards humans and became what we are today, and gorillas without new DNA, stayed, well, gorillas:)

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