Friday, September 2, 2011

Frugal Friday - changing pillows with the seasons

I have to admit, its been difficult to stay frugal during the house raising. Its hard. Because we have no dishwasher, its mostly eating fruit and veggies that don't have to be washed. Because we have no water we can't really cook, wash dishes, or wash clothes so I usually will bring laundry to my parents or M's parents to wash. But one thing I can do right now to get ready for fall, is change our pillows! I bought these pillows from Pier 1 last year for 5$ a piece on sale. Then I bought pillow covers at Target for 2.50$ a piece clearance. Its sad but I haven't washed them in a long long time. I've been noticing doggie hair etc on them, so its time to bring them for a wash! As I took off the pillow cases of the pillows, I noticed the older cases also had zippers. How awesome is that!? So I can wash all the cases and maybe I'll be able to find a clearance wintery/holiday cover for sale somewhere! It saves us tons of money to be able to wash pillow covers and give them a change of season instead of buying all new.

Here are the pillows with summer covers (2.50$ each from Target, you can see how horribly dirty they've gotten!)

And here are the older pillow cases on the pillows from Pier 1, a bit mismatched!

Do you change your pillows during the seasons? Do you have a system for washing you're pillows when they get dirty or when you want a change of style?


  1. My MIL stores her Christmas ones behind her couch. hahaha. I just use the same tired ones all year long. You could totally do the same thing with seat cushions for your table and chairs.

  2. Ooooo great idea Lourie! I didn't think to do that for the dining chairs. That would be cute to change them for the holiday! or use those slipcovers for chairs too. I haven't seen good deals on slipcovers yet. I know Pottery Barn has gorgeous ones but lots of $.


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