Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House update Wednesday - not totally wordless

After an urgent request to teach 2 yoga classes today because of crisis's, I fled as soon as the carpenter showed. He said he'd start today working on fixing the rotted wood underneath the floor (now the 2nd floor) and he could begin framing out the windows! Which is exciting! It was a bit difficult to focus on yoga while these things were happening but hey, thats what yoga reminds me to do! Focus on where I am instead of worrying about where I'm not. I won't lie, these days without water have been challenging to say the least. I'm used to running water, warm showers and being able to cook at home. Its all become a luxury and something I'm so looking forward to having again.  The backfillers are doing a great job, and the builders are supposedly returning this Saturday to pour the floor in the basement/1st floor! Can you imagine!? a real floor down there? Once they pour the floor, the builder is also putting in footings called sonic tubes for the deck legs to sit on. After that, the carpenter can come and give us permanent stairs, the front deck and build permanent supports under the house. Then the well guy can come and put in the hot water tank, we can get the pellet stove (for heat) in downstairs, and we can get the doors in! Then at some point we will have to get the septic fixed, which our builder said he could do also and then...wait for it....wait for it....we will actually have running water!!!!! Here are a few photos of where we are now with the house progress -

ok getting alittle nervous now in the house. I keep hearing all this loud banging and wood splitting. I'm guessing they are taking out rotted beams?? Praying that the floor is strong enough to hold whats here...


  1. So excited to watch the transformation! WHat a difficult thing to be without running water for so long- its like you are a pioneer!! lol.

  2. Totally thought that too, your a pioneer woman!!! Does the yoga studio at least have a shower?

  3. I love yoga for this exact reason. Fingers crossed you get the water back soon.

  4. I need yoga to go along with my Zumba. I just need to find an affordable class and a time that works!

  5. Yay for running water! It looks like you're making tons of progress!


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