Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surviving like a gypsy:)

While we're having our home raised, we both have been living a bit crazy since we can't really stay at home. I've been bouncing around my Mom and Dads and visiting my Grandmoms while taking care of the pups, while Martin has been going to work and sleeping in our treehouse of a home! He got showers at his job and actually stayed/slept in the house before they were able to put the temporary staircase in, he used a ladder! And there was no electric and no water! I call him Mr. Survivorman:) I made sure to pack all of our food from the fridge in a cooler with ice and icepacks so that it wouldn't go bad while they were actually lifting the house. The electric is back on now, so when we stopped by the other day, I checked everything and was able to load the good stuff back into the fridge. I carried a cooler that I packed before I turned off our fridge with some goodies to cook around with me while I gypsied from family to family (which by the way, they were just amazing, I swear after this experience I don't know what I'd do without family, I am just so grateful for them).  Now we're in Brooklyn, visiting my amazing inlaws who are letting us use our old apartment until the house is raised. Martin loves having an actual working shower!!! :)  Here is a picture of our house raised up, they are supposed to start with the cement block walls tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Wow. I did not even realize that one could get a house raised. And, as a girl that has been between living situations plenty of times, my heart goes out to you. I hope all goes well!

  2. Very cool! I bet seeing the process has been very cool! Take more pics.


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