Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An experience to remember

The puppies are all snuggled and sleeping and Martin just left for work. Things are about to change again, as tomorrow we'll be going back home, even if the house isn't even close to being finished yet. But we do have a temporary staircase and we do have electricity which is great. We don't have water or a working bathroom though yet and the house is still technically...well...in the air! We'll survive though, we have a portopotty that we rented for 2 months (honestly I don't think I'll be using it...not big big burly working guys using it too!) so I think I'll just do what we did when we visited for a weekend during the winter without water, go to the diner or (and this is a little gross fyi) pee in a cup and throw it in the grass. lol I can't believe I'm actually saying that, but yup...I'm going to live like we're camping:) As for showers, I belong to a gym in the area, so I can take a shower there when Martin is home from work and can watch the puppies, and Martin has his shower at work. I just hope they wait until we're out of the house before they lower it down onto the cement walls! :)  We're thinking the house might be finished by the end of the next 2 weeks.

One thing I've learned, and I think we're both still learning, is that we have to be flexible and most importantly stick together.  Things don't always go the smoothest way, maybe the contractors aren't doing what they should be, maybe the house building isn't going according to plan, maybe things seem like just a mess, but we stick together. There is a quote that I love that I try to remember when everything doesn't go the way I'd like, it goes like this "Be like the bamboo, bending with the wind. The bamboo never breaks, is always flexible, always bends and so is never broken in the wind." I love that quote, when I'm faced with unexpected change, I remember that.  This is also a great teamwork effort on both our parts to make this happen and take care of 2 puppies at the same time, we have to communicate all the time, let eachother know what we're doing, where we are, what the other wants to do, come to decisions about house ideas.  Its not easy all the time, but at the end we keep reminding ourselves that we'll have our home, and our own bedroom when its done!  I'm just really thankful to have this experience, that can be rough at times but ultimately brings us closer as a family:)

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  1. I think i would pee in a cup too. Those port-potties are nasty. Hang in there!


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