Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Ramblings

Since we've moved up here, (up here, I mean north of NYC,  and oddly, up on top of a mountain) I've been feeling like I need some kind of connection (just imagine the couple in Funny Farm, only I'm Chevy Chase without the book advance and without a finished bathrom:)) We haven't had cable, and aren't planning on getting it until we raise the house which would be 2 months, my computer is so old that when I bring it outside to type in the sun, I've found it loses battery at about 20 minutes (which is time about to check email and thats it) and I'm not working, except teaching 1 hour classes until school starts in September. Don't get me wrong, I love it up here, I love the sunny days, the meditation time, the relaxing time with Lealu on the dock, its beautiful, but much like our bathroom, I feel like I have no walls of structure in my life and I guess I'm not used to the freedom. Living in a very structured city, with a very strucured schedule, and then coming out here is definetly an adjustment. There are times when I just don't know what to do with myself, and I'm guessing this is good because I eventually find things that enjoy doing, that I've sort of forgotten about.  I remember during yoga school, I felt very devoted, connected and just focused.  I've been going to yoga every day to reconnect my mind with my body and to connect with others. Its helped so much and I'm so thankful for yoga in my life. I've already met some beautiful people:) I think there is a reason for everything and I'm sure there is a reason for this quiet time in my life right now, maybe its like a detox from running around so much? Maybe its a time for me to devote myself to yoga and learning to teach more? Maybe its a calm before school starts, I don't know but its funny that have to constantly remind myself to enjoy it!  On another note, I've invested in a netbook, so that I can blog/email/write whenever and wherever, and I don't have to worry about the charge going so fast! I figure its an investment in school as well as blogging.  Lealu's doing well and adjusting, she loves laying in the grass and wading in the lake by the dock.

Got any ideas for colors in the bathroom?

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