Friday, June 3, 2011

Frugal tip friday - Steals and Deals...Early

Happy Friday and Happy Frugal tip Friday! :) I'm so excited for the weekend! Are you doing anything fun? This past week my sister came to visit for a couple of days. It was so great to see her and have some good girly time! One of things we like to do is go shopping, even if it only turns out to be looking more than shopping. There is a humongous Target about 20 minutes from us complete with Starbucks inside! So we headed over and treated ourselves to Starbucks and made our way around the mall of a store. They have everything, they have groceries (even organic!), they have home stuff, clothes, shoes, entertainment products, I mean everything! Well I'm not sure if its this time of year or if its all the time (I'll keep you posted) but they have AMAZING clearance racks. I mean gorgeous dresses, tops, short! I found a really cute button down striped top for my interview with my new Acupuncture School today for, guess how much? You'd probably guess 10$ right? Thats a pretty good deal for a top thats on sale. But nope, this shirt was marked down to 4.95$!!! So I got it. I also got a shirt for my Mom for Christmas (I know its early but I couldn't pass up a deal like this!) and I got my sister a gorgeous black cocktail dress for 10$! She tried it on, it looked so pretty and like it costed way more than 10$! Too bad she was with me and knew how much it was really lol. I'm saving it for her birthday. I think its so important to grab sales when you can, especially great ones like these. Shopping early for holidays and birthdays when there are sales going on can save you so much $!!!

Do you shop early for birthdays and holidays? Or do you like to go right before and look for steals?

       ps if you are close to a Target, it might be worthwhile to check out their clearance racks!


  1. I love Target!! And we have a Super Target not to far from us which has a Star Bucks as well.

  2. Is there a target nearby? Silly question my girl. I frequent them ALL!


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