Monday, May 23, 2011

Normality Restored & New Fave

Normality has been restored here, meaning the picture and the navigation bar is finally finished! It took awhile since I've been working on it using my 10 year old dell laptop from when I graduated college (think I need a new one???) and a wonderful new blog friend from over at came through with my navigation bar (which I realize now with blog designing I am totally crap at lol).

I meditated this morning and felt my shoulders drop. Love that!

Today is my first day without my old job, the job that I've had since I graduated college (minus 7 months when I tried law school) and I decided to start it with a big warm cup of tea, puppy lealu snuggling beside me and a blog write, what better way to start the day right? A day with unknown possibilities and no plans. I was thinking I'd go to a yoga class and definetly take lealu to the puppy park. I'm also watching my new favorite movie. Whenever I'm going through some kind of change in life, I usually become addicted to a movie that either displays on screen feelings I'm having or just makes me feel happy to watch. In college it was Reality Bites, when I was younger it was Christmas Vacation, now its Eat Pray Love. When I first watched this movie when it first came out, I didn't like it. Something about it, maybe it was the main characters eventual disdain for work, maybe in the film I felt she was spending too much time on things like feelings, but since we've moved this is my favorite movie and I feel just the opposite. I love how the things going on in your life can effect your perspective on a film, so the film in a way can tell you about yourself! I watch it whenever I can (and without cable at least until the house is raised) its my go to movie! I now love how she takes so much courage to find herself, I love how she learns how to make new friends, I love how she learns how to feel, I love how there is more of an emphasis on being than doing. Its a great movie and I definetly recommend it:)

I taught my first yoga class here last week, it was wonderful.  It was at a studio where I felt an instant connection with the woman who owned the studio, she even asked me to lock up afterwards. Don't you love when that happens? When you meet someone and there is this funny connection where you just feel like they are a good friend already? It was very cool:) I hope to be taking more classes and giving more there too!

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!



  1. Nikki! I am so glad you are all settled and feeling good. I love meeting those people you feel at "home" with right away. I hope you give more classes there too!

  2. Wow! It sounds like things are going well for you. ANd the blog is shaping up nicely.


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