Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun Adventures - our week so far in the new place!

This is the first week getting used to living in the country. I have to say its wonderful to wake up on the morning to birds chirping, green grass and a beautiful serene lake. This morning was my first time meditating on the dock overlooking the lake and it felt great to feel my shoulders relax down and my breath deepen, especially in the morning! Its amazing how many people commute into the city, the bus is always buzzing with people and the bus depot in the city racing with people running to work. The bus depot really pleasantly surprised me. It was seriously like an airport with all its shops and restaurants. I've never had to ride on the bus from there and now I'll make sure, if I have to go another time, that I take the bus!  I do miss our puppy Lealu. While I'm working for the next 2 weeks, she's staying with my wonderful in-laws who I am so grateful for! See Lealu is a rescue and she can be fearful of new people and it would be very difficult to leave her for the 9 hours I'm away at work, or in a doggy day care. I can't wait to pick her up in 2 weeks! Actually its a week and a half! I'm also excited to tell you that I submitted my application for the acupuncture school in NJ, if I get in, I'll only have 1 year and a half left of school!! While the next 2 weeks are going to be hectic with me commuting into work by bus, its nothing compared to what its going to be like when they start working on the house soon! They will be raising it up so the only way up will be by ladder...and lealu can't climb a ladder! I may be sleeping with her outside in a tent...or the back of the car! On second thought with all the bugs, I'd rather be in the car!  Fun adventures:)


  1. A ladder??? Holy crap! I would be so screwed. Or staying at a hotel. Good luck. Hope the week and a half goes fast. I am sure she will be happy to see you.

  2. Wait you are going to have to go up a ladder to get into your house?? Is that while they are working on it or a permanent thing?


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