Friday, May 6, 2011

Frugal tip Friday - for your plane ride! & Some Exciting News!

Happy Friday! I'm not sure if you read the last few posts, but we just got back from a fun family vacation with my sister and her husband. It was a great time and we went on lots of adventures and did a tons of exploring! Which means we saved alot of $! Hiking and walking places definetly saves on those ridiculous gas prices and on paying for kayaks (to see whole story you can go to blog post). One way we were determined to save was spending money on food.  We did go out to eat a few times, we have to splurge every once in a while! The food was delicious. We also went grocery shopping and made dinner at home. We bought some grass-fed Hawaiian steak and the guys bbqed, I don't eat steak too often so this was a yummy treat! My brother in law also taught me how to roast cabbage, I had only learned how to cook cabbage with sauce, in a stuffed cabbage recipe, so now I'm determined to cook it up more often! One our 10 hour flight out we were tired and sleepy and just ready for vacation! As we boarded we noticed that lots of other people had food containers with them, pizza boxes, sandwiches etc. I thought - Wow these people must be hungry! It turns out they were just really really smart. We didn't even question that on a 10 hour flight from 1p-11p we wouldn't be given any of those crappy but at least its food (like picture above) meals on the plane, except ones that we would have to buy. We were determined to make it through the whole flight without buying anything when we found this out, I had had a chai before boarding and Martin had a coffee, and I had packed 2 apples from home in my bag. We scarfed down the apples and after 7 hours, we were beat. We ordered a super snack pack and a turkey sandwich. Guess how much that came out to? 16$ Yup! 16$ for a crappy turkey sandwich and packs of peanuts, preztals and crackers. On our flight home we made sure to pack plenty of sandwiches, snacks and water. Remember next time you fly, buy food for your flight before!

Annnnd Martin and I got some great news yesterday - got a transfer for his job! Which means we are moving!!! to the country!!! to the lakehouse!!! Which is great timing because we're doing some major work on the house, so we will have a bit more room soon. I'll be transferring to an acupuncture school in NJ and maybe I'll be able to teach yoga somewhere around there! I don't know how this blog will evolve but over the next 2 weeks some big changes will be happening and I'll make sure to keep you posted. I'm sad to be leaving the city in some ways, there are things - like the fast moving energy and friends I will definetly miss, but there are things that I am definetly looking forward to being out of the city - things like not having to worry about riding the subway with all these new threats on the morning news I hear happening, smelling cleaner air, having more space, not having to smell weird things on the train and wonder what it is, having a slower paced lifestyle for me and Martin and being able to have a garden! I'm really excited to be able to plant veggies and more herbs this year!!

Happy Friday to you!!


  1. What awesome news! This is going to be a busy but fun time for the both of you! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on the new job and new home! Hurray! Can't wait to see pics. Good luck on your move!

  3. "Smelling weird things on the train." BHAHAHAHA. Congrats on the move and job transfer. I look forward to reading all about it.


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