Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 is the New 20

This past week Martin and I both celebrated our birthdays! They are 4 days apart and it is always fun because we get to celebrate eachother together! My birthday was particular because it was my big 30th! I am now officially out of my 20's. I feel like the expression 30 is  the new 20 is so true. My Mom starting having children at 20 and so did my Gram. I feel like if I had done that, it would not have been the right decision for me, and I feel like 30 is definetly getting close! By 20 my parents and grandparents were finished with school, and for me, 30 is definetly more like around the time I will be finished (finally!) with school. By 20's my parents and grandparents were married, I waited until I was closer to 30's (27 to be specific!). So I think that expression is definetly true for me! Lets hope its also true for my body! :)

I've read alot lately about what turning 30 means for other people, for some it means that things start going wrong in their bodies (I've read alot of that whew!), for some it means more of a focus on family, everyone is different. And I wanted to write what turning 30 means to me and what I'm saying good bye to in my 20's!

Saying Good bye to:

jumping from school to school
believing that I have to go to school for it to learn it
staying up until after midnight, I can barely stay up until midnight these days!
living with roommates in dorms
blowing money away
student loans
eating a bag of cheetos and not having to worry about what its doing to my body!
(and not seeing it on body the next morning)

What I want to say hello to in my 30's (this gets me excited!):

hopefully finishing acupuncture school and getting licensed
being more dependable with people and life in general
being more relaxed with life, afterall ageing is worse with worry!
Allowing my creative side to shine through, whether that be writing more or blogging more
Speaking up about my opinions in a calm and collected manner, instead of getting all upset when I disagree and not wanting to talk.
Spending more quality time with Martin.
Hopefully starting a family!!!
Spending more time on my spiritual self.
Starting up a meditation routine again the mornings. I really want one of those little meditation tables!
Going hiking more and just being outdoors more.

Thats it I think! Yaye to 30's!


  1. Thirty may be the new 20, but you have not reached Cougar Status. Rawr! Seriously though. Happy Birthday to you and your sweetie. Age is relative anyway. And you have a fabulous outlook!

  2. Happy Belated 30th Birthday!! I turn 30 this year too. I completely agree with you that 30 is the new 20. I had fun in my 20's, but I think my 30's are going to be fantastic!

  3. Hmmmm...well, I think 30s is a little early to be worrying about things going wrong with your body. Your metabolism might slow a little? but my 30s were the best years of my life in many ways. I was in great health. My knee started acting up after using a stair-stepper for exercise too long, but that was my fault! You're in for a great decade!

  4. I think 30's are the best ever!! I LOVE them! You are gonna be even fiercer in your 30's and full of wisdom you learned in your 20's! Love ya!

  5. I agree. I loved turning 30! Happy, happy day to you!


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