Thursday, January 20, 2011

What do restaurants, spas and broadway shows have in common?

They all have their own weeks during the year where you can get huge discounts in the city!!

Spa week has been going on for awhile now and is usually held once in the Spring and once in the fall. Their site is, check it out and see if Spa week is going on near you! From 50$ massages to 50$facials!  They try to get you hooked on spa treatments so that you'll come back at other times of the year.

Restaurant Week is just beginning next week!! I'm so excited! Its going on from Jan 24- Feb 6th.  The site where you can make a reservation is  Its so great to be able to try 5 star restaurants for a fraction of the price!  

And the newest (which just starts this year) is Broadway Week!! Which means you can attend Broadway shows on a huge deal! Shows are buy one get one free from Jan 24 - Feb 10th!!! The shows include Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, Mary Poppins and Adams Family the musical! Site is  And just in time for our birthdays! :)

Hope you enjoy these weeks coming up!!


  1. If I ever get to go to NY I know who I am going to look up first!!! :D

  2. Hi following back from friday boost your blog hop thanks for the follow.

  3. Looks awesome- love the broadway idea! Are you going to see something?

  4. Ooh! Thanks for letting me know about Broadway week, love it! I know we were going to trey to get together for Restaurant week, but I am not sure if its going to work out!


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