Monday, December 6, 2010

Hallmark 40$ & a recordable storybook Giveaway!

I love Hallmark and I was so excited to receive a package in the mail with gifts and gift cards that I had signed up for at Blogher Christmas in August 2010! More specifically there is a gift for you and a gift for me! Just in time for the holidays too! Because there were two gifts, I've decided to keep one and give one away as a giveaway! The gift giveaway includes a promo code worth 40$ to the Hallmark the online card store and one "The Night Before Christmas" recordable storybook!  I've used my 40$ for personalized Christmas cards.  They are so adorable and add such a personal touch to the cards. A few I made for family members and they loved them.  The design of one of the cards read "If Santa had named his reindeers while drinking (you fill in a family members name here)'s (and fill in a favorite drink here)." And above were reindeers with little nametags on them. So you fill in what you want, for example my card read "If Santa had named his reindeers while drinking Uncle Tony's mojitos" and the reindeers had names of each one of our family!  how cute is that!?  I got a great laugh from my dad and other family I sent them to.  And with our recordable storybook, Martin and I went through and read the pages together. We don't have any children right now, so it was just a fun thing do to together where we could make funny sounds and voices while reading. Its a really nice keepsake to have! So now its your turn! 

To enter the giveaway for 1 The Night Before Christmas recordable storybook and 1 40$ promo code, just leave a comment below! Because its getting so close to Christmastime the giveaway will end at 9am on Friday December 10th. Good Luck!!


  1. haha I immediately was drawn to your post because I work at Hallmark! That's a pretty cool deal you have going on :)Those storybooks are very popular- they're selling like crazy.

    Hope you're having a good day!

  2. I love that you did voices!! That is adorable! I was hoping to get this recordable book but didnt- so thanks for the entry:)


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