Friday, December 3, 2010

Frugal Tip Friday - to display Christmas cards!

In celebration of everything Christmas and Holiday this year, Frugal Tip Fridays will have everything to do with Christmas and/or Holiday celebrations until the Winter Solstice happens on December 22nd (I'd say until Christmas on December 25th but I'll be eating and drinking and celebrating with family hopefully that weekend!) 

Our first Frugal Tip Friday for Christmas is a frugal way to decorate with Christmas cards!  I love love love getting Christmas or Holiday cards in the mail. Its really fun to open a card and either see pictures of the family sending in the card or a nice note wishing a Merry Christmas. But every year when Christmas time comes I never know where to put them. One year I put them all on the tree, but that looked kind of messy and they would fall off alot. One year I placed them around on the coffee table, but we didn't have room for anything else besides cards then! So this year I'm trying something new!

You will need:

2 tacks - about 20 cents
1 roll of ribbon (I got mine from Michaels, the scrunchy kind works best, you'll see why!) - 2$
Christmas and/or Holiday cards!

First measure your ribbon to a desired length against your wall. You can do this over a doorway or just against a flat wall, whereever you'd like your cards to be hung. Once you have your length, cut your ribbon with scissors. Next place a tack in the ribbon into the wall or doorway on both sides. Take the excess ribbon on both sides and scrunch up into a little ball like flower on both ends. You can make your ribbon as long as you'd like (if you have lots of cards, you can make it go across your whole living room wall!)

And you've created yourself a card holder! Next, lay cards over top of the ribbon. If you have cards that are 1 picture, or one page, you can use tape on the back of the picture to stick it to the ribbon.

Congrats you've created your very own card holder!

Here is how ours turned out:

We already have one card! :)

We have a new mom stopping by to give us her Holiday Tip! Habibah Love (yes thats actually her last name!) has a three month old beautiful baby girl! Habibah says "After eating all the sweets and treats and you feel a sudden ache in your tooth, try using clove essential oil instead of orajel. Make sure that the oil is kept in a dark bottle to maintain its potentcy. Clove oil is an antiseptic as well as a analgesic! Happy Holidays!"

Thanks for stopping by Habibah! If you would like to guest post at Frugal Tip Friday or if you would like to submit a short tip, please send an email to

Happy Holidays and Frugal Tip Friday!

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