Thursday, October 14, 2010

Terra Chips Review & Giveaway!

I'm sure you already know what Terra Chips are. They are everywhere and they are healthy and soooo tasty. We were so excited when Terra Chips contacted us for a review and giveaway of their chips! We (I say we because Martin tried them too) have tried Terra chips before, and, even when we go on road trips, or vacations and we want some snacks and chips, I always go to the Terra because I know they are only made with potatos, real spices, real oil and real salt, not like some other chips where their ingredients have things like high fructose corn syrup and some other words I can pronounce (or remember the spelling of). We were sent blue chips and la Mexicana flavored chips. I've been addicted to the blue chips, every time I'm home and I'm cooking with a glass of wine, I grab a chip. In the mornings, when I eat yogurt and granola and I take my vitamins and it doesn't feel like I have enough food in my stomach, I take a couple. They are delicious! and very satisfying, not only because they are healthy but because its like eating homefries! and I love homefries! :)

The la Mexicana chips were tasty. We brought a bag to my sisters and her husbands in Pittsburgh on a trip last weekend. Martin and her hubs had a beer, I gave them the bag, and when we got back from stopping at the store, the bag was gone! Thats how good they were! They both really like the spicyness mixture in the chips and the natural no-chemical taste. When we got home, we had one more bag to try, so I opened it and tried some. The chips had a specific spicy tangy taste that I don't think I've ever had before. Eating them made me want to have a grilled cheese sandwich with them! lol. The spices that are used in la Mexicana are  a piquant blend of authentic Mexican flavors of vine-ripened tomato, hearty black beans and tangy roasted garlic.  Yum! I definetly recommend Terra Chips. They are the best tasting and the best for you!

And Terra Chips provided us with 2 bags of the Terra Blue Chips to give away to you!

Just leave a comment below to enter. Giveaway ends Friday October 15th at 9am and the winner will be chosen using 

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  1. What a generous giveaway! I'd love to try their chips! I've heard they are tasty and healthier than the other versions.

  2. Those sound super duper yummy! I'd love to try them- I dont think I ever have! Although I have seen them at Whole Foods! Thanks for the entry!


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