Friday, October 15, 2010

Frugal Tip Friday - for your crafts!

This past week has been like a whirlwind, its gone by so fast! I wanted to bake something with apples for frugal tip friday but I thought why not do something alittle crafty? I have a super inexpensive and fun craft for you to try! Its one that my mom taught us when we were little and I'm so happy to share with you! Its one that I'm determined now to start doing every year to make our apartment alittle more like the fall season.

You will need -
Wax paper (white or natural)
Colorful leaves you've picked up off the ground
An iron

To make your craft -

Take two equal length pieces of wax paper. Lay one piece of wax paper, shiny side face up, on an ironing board. Take your leaves and place them in the design that you like on the wax paper. Take your other piece of wax paper and place it over the other piece of wax paper, now with shiny side face down.  Make sure to use the shiny waxy side of the paper facing eachother.  Take your iron and iron slowly over the piece. In the beginning the wax will begin to stick together, then over the leaves it might take a few more slides of the iron to get it to mash down. When you're finished, you will get something that looks like this!

When you're finished you can put your design in a frame and hang it up!
I used an old brown frame that we had. Here's how it looks in the frame.
If you'd like to do alittle more, you can take paints and paint a note on the top of the paper, like "Fall" or "Autumn" or whatever else you like!
Since I didn't have any paints, I used a sharpie! and placed it in our bedroom. Here's how it looks all finished.

And the winner of the Terra Chips is comment #3, Shannon at Milk & Cuddles! Congratulations Shannon! I'll be emailing you shortly!

Happy Frugal Tip Friday! If you have a frugal tip or any post you'd like to share, please link up below!

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    1. Hi. found you via Friendly friday follow. I enjoyed browsing your blog. Stop by and follow me if you would, please.

    2. That is so cute!! I wonder what else you could do?

    3. Perfect crafts to do with the boys. Except I fear it will remind me of all the leaves in my yard. That would be A LOT. a billion or two.

    4. So excited for my chips!!! So fun!!!! Love your craft poroject!


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