Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogher 2010 - friend and parties and blogs everywhere!

I hope you had a great weekend! I'm so excited to tell you about Blogher. First, I just want to say how much fun I had with some of the most awesome girlfriends ever, Danielle, Shannon & Laura. It was great to see them and spend time and stay up way late to chat and eat Chinese food on the hotel room floor:) Its funny how many memories involve Chinese food and eating on the floor. When I first arrived on Friday after work, it was about 6pm. I got in and checked into the Hilton hotel. Everything was very nicely advertised that Blogher 2010 was going on there.

That first night we went to the Hallmark Party. Here we met some fellow bloggers, ate some tasty food, drank some good wine and decorated christmas cookies for the Christmas in August theme of the party. It was great fun. The next day the Expo was just alittle overwhelming. There were two floors of companies showcasting their products, giving away free swag, entering you in contests and talking with you about their products. I got a few business cards so I hope to have some fun giveaways coming soon!  Breakfast that morning and a buffet of yummy healthy lunch foods was provided for us.

After the day of meeting and greeting and expoing, we headed to the Green Party. At the Green Party there were drinks, great food and more fun bloggie friends. I learned some interesting tidbits about washers and dryers and how certain washers can use less water and less detergent! Which saves money and the environment! After that party we went to Sparklecorn. This was the best party because while they had snacks and an open bar, they had a dance floor and stage for us to take full advantage of!  We danced the night away and even hopped up on stage! I feel like I have 4 sisters, my actual sister and these 3 girls:) That night we each said our goodnights and some our goodbyes since we were all off early the next morning to head back to our homes, it was sad but a great sad, great because we got to spend awesome time together, and sad because that moment was ending...until next year anyway (God willing!) I put alittle favorites together below of Blogher. I definetly recommend going! It was well worth it!

Favorite frugal recipe I learned from Laura that will make for a great tip - handmade deoderant!

Favorite company I saw - A fish oil company. The representative let me know that fish oil is okay as long as on the back of the bottle is says PCB free and undetectable mercury levels. Now we can go back to taking fish oils!

Favorite pieces of swag - A bpa free water bottle, Martin has one now and I have one, so saving money and the earth!

Favorite party - I think it would have to be Sparklecorn:)

Favorite company I learned about - A Company called Shopsense that gives you the best deal whenever your searching for clothing or bags!

Favorite session - Humor writing. These ladies were hilarious, they had us all laughing in our seats!

Favorite things about Blogher - they used all plant based cups, plates and flatware! How awesome is that!

Favorite thing I learned - Its really a great thing to have an About page just so anyone stopping by can get a glimpse about what your blog is about. Thats probably the main important thing I learned, I have to start one soon! :)

It was a great time, here are a few pictures from the Sparklecorn Party!

What a fun weekend!


  1. I'm glad you had fun! Next year it's in San Diego so I'll have to pass (yet again).

  2. Oooh, good tip about the "about me" box... I'll have to get one set up too!
    Looks like you had a great time, visiting from SITS!


  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I am following you! I would LOVE it if you could return the favor!


  4. YAYYYY lots of fun times! Hoping to post my pics soon!

  5. What fun! You lucky lady! SD next year - I could swing that one!

    An About page is so important - gives a better glimpse into the blog and it author than our blogger profile!


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