Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuck Inside

In Jersey, my Mom has 2 feet of snow, its passed her knees, my Gram has alittle more than that where she is in Jersey, with loads of people in south jersey out of electricity, and we just got 18 inches (or could be more in certain areas) here in NY, its a state of emergency there so no work which is nice! We got out of work early yesterday to try and trek home before the snow really started. Its always funny to me when it snows like crazy, it turns the city into a mad fun free for all world of people skiing across the brooklyn bridge walkway, sledding in Central Park on boxes or whatever else they can find and a lot of slushy boots. I wish I was sledding right now and not at work lol, but I'm here and glad to be warm. I read in the NY metro newspaper on the train this morning that workers are doing lots of overtime to prepare for Fashion week in Bryant Park for next week. And poor Martin is on overnights this week to put people back in electricity. I'll miss him but I know he's needed and not having electricity can be really bad especially in winter.
Here's a picture from my side of the globe:

(courtsey of NY Metro)

how are you doing with the snow?


  1. Just posted a pic of the snow in TEXAS!!! It's on facebook! Glad your warm and cozy! Love ya!

  2. Thanks for the follow, I'm following back! :)

    I don't live in Hawaii, we tried to but were assigned to a station in South Carolina instead. (Oh well, there is always next time.) We went to visit in Oct 2008 and just fell in love with it. The Big Island was totally my fave. So we are both pretty determined to make a tour @ Pearl happen at some point, which would be like 3 years, and that would be perfect. I have a few friends that lived there, one grew up there and the other just randomly lived on Maui for like 7 years. They both loved it, but also said you DO get major island fever. Best of luck with your research!

    Also sorry about all the snow. Have you had issues with power etc.? My in-laws live in DC and we just got pics of their house last night. Crazy!

  3. Love it!!! I think its so funny that its snowing everywhere BUT Buffalo!~:)

  4. It gets like that here when the snow starts to melt - business people out in their shirtsleeves throwing snowballs, people braving lakes of melt water on bikes. Sometimes you just gotta get out there and enjoy the weather!

  5. We had ours a few weeks ago. It's fab when it comes, gets a bit dull after a week. Enjoy

  6. We only got about 5 inches. It melted today and everthing is ugly. :(


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