Friday, February 19, 2010

A Frugal way to the best Stress Relief - Frugal Tip Friday

This passed week I've had midterms at school, and things can get pretty stressful. I was in my Points 2 class when I saw a few people passing around a little bottle and dropping a bit on their wrists and smelling it along with taking a whif from the bottle. I asked "What is that?" (it could be anything, we are alternative medicine students) A girl replied "lavendar oil, it will calm you down, help you focus". She offered me some, I took a whif and put some on my wrists. I felt an instant relaxation! Throughout the test too, I kept taking sniffs whenever I would get overwhelmed and it was pretty amazing how much this little bottle of 10$ natural oil could do the job of a more expensive prescription, or even a paradise vacation. So I got myself a little bottle of it and keep it with me always, at work throughout the day I'm often seen sniffing the bottle or my wrists, and at home, when I'm out of wine lol, I take out my lavendar and put some on:) Its nice to sniff in the bottle but I love the feeling of having it on my wrists all the time. And you can get this little break of peace from the daily grind for only 10$!!! Here is some info I found about lavendar oil:

Lavendar oil is included as an essential oil that helps with stress related issues such as: anger, depression, insomnia, nervous exhaustion and nervous tension. more here

The National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine says this interesting tidbit:
"Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region. It was used in ancient Egypt as part of the process for mummifying bodies. Lavender's use as a bath additive originated in Persia, Greece, and Rome."
and that Lavender is also used for headache, upset stomach, and hair loss. But they say should not be taken by mouth as can cause headaches, changes in appetite and constipation! 

So for a quick frugal way to stress relief, grab yourself some lavender!!!


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    Tangie (3boyzmom)

  2. I love your puppy!

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  3. I so need that. I need a weekend where I can just stay in bed ALL day and de-stress.

  4. After battling insomnia for 2 years, a friend suggested putting lavendar oil on my pillowcase. Now I sleep all through the night, every night.

  5. i love lavendar oil, in fact i don't think i could live with out it, peppermint or tea tree oil!

    I'm a new follower from Friday Follow!

    Suzi from

  6. I love your blog. And I wouldn't dare be caught without my lavender!!

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  7. Stopping by to say hello. Thanks for passing by Windmills and Tulips.

    I wouldn't be caught without my Lavender either!!!

    I really love the herbal recipes. Thanks.

  8. Yeah, it's great stuff, and so safe! I keep some in the nightstand, and sometimes whiff a bit when I need to relax and go to sleep!

    Found you on SITS-- come see me, too!

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  12. Stopping by from Friday Follow! I have lavendar oil and I use it in my homemade beauty products, but I'll certainly be using it more often now. Thanks for the great tip!

  13. I love lavender, thanks for sharing all of the great information. Happy Follow Friday! I am a new follower and stopping by to say hi, have a great weekend!


  14. We have lavender fields here in Indiana and a local farm sells products at our weekend European romantic, too!

    I found you through Friday Follow - nice to meet you!

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    Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You

  15. I found you through Friday Follow... Nice to meet you... now I'm a follower too!

  16. Following you from Friday Follow. Lavendar oil is great! I just ran out and need to get some more.

  17. I used to do the lavendar baby wash and lotion for my son as part of his bedtime routine. Dim lights and soothing music too. Heck, I would have done anything to get that kid to sleep!

  18. Hey just stopping by to say Hi from Friday Follow!

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  19. Love, love lavendar. You can also buy it in the spice aisle of some grocery stores. It is great to muddle and throw in tea, or cake icing. Also used in herbs de provence which is fantastic with goat cheese.

  20. Someone told me a long time ago about the miracles of lavendar for sleep problems. Now I avoid having it in any perfume or know, things I wear during the day at work!


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