Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Bridal Shower Tea Party for my sister

In some weddings the bridesmaids put together the bridal shower for the bride to be, but in my family, it has become the party my Mom eagerly gets to plan, for me about 2 years ago, and just this past weekend for my sister, the bride to be this June.
In past traditions, the brides family has at times taken on the roles of paying for the entire wedding, while the grooms family pays for the honeymoon and rehearsal dinners. We're not strict traditional so she and I both didn't stick to that same practice. Heres how we do it -my Mom coordinates the bridal shower (which she is just amazing at doing), our Dad gives us money towards the wedding, the grooms family gives us money towards the wedding, and then we (because we are older and not exactly 18 years old getting married without a job and stuff) pay for the rest. Its worked out well so far and its really nice for my Mom to be able to throw a party for the family and for the bride. Stefani, my sister, loved her tea party shower!
She picked a country club in New Jersey called Sea Oakes, where her fiances family could come and stay over at the Inn for the weekend of the shower.  I drove the 3.5 hours down to the party and met my Mom. After I arrived, my Mom and I drove to the tea party room and got everything set up. She had these great handmade candles made with my sisters name and the date of the shower, along with a large bouguet of green hyndrangeas and pink roses (her colors for her wedding) for when she walked in. There were wine bottles ready to be brought to the tables as well as hot tea pots placed in the center of the table for each person to serve themselves their choice of tea. A beautiful buffet arrangement of salad and butternut squash soup (which was so delicious I had two cups), along with lots of tea sandwishes like egg salad, grilled chicken along with salmon and lox were served, and placed at the end of the serving table were chocolate covered strawberrys and lemon cookies. 
It was so yummy and the space so open and relaxing with the warm sun shining through the golfer's grass outside in through our full room length windows. My Mom made sure to hand the waitress Stef's carrot cake, that in tradition across the top in icing spelled "God Bless Stefani Anne".
I don't usually eat carrot cake and after having a large piece, I kept asking myself why not:) After the cake Stef sat in the middle of the space in front of her big table of presents where she was "showered" with all of her gifts. Elena, my little cousin, and I were in charge of handing her gifts, taking the wrapping paper and the gifts away, and writing down what gifts she received and from who (for the Thank you cards later).

Before this all started I got myself a big glass of wine and Stef one too, I was very prepared!!  Just a little background info, my sister is in grad school for education full time, as well working 2 part time jobs one at a university and the other at a learning center for children. She is super super busy and doesn't always get to be gloated over, so it was wonderful to see her pampered and happy!  There is also a little tradition where we make a hat with all of the bows/ribbons/flower or anything else the gifts are decorated with and we take a picture!! Here is my gorgeous sister at her bridal shower in her hat:)
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Wow, looks like it was a lovely shower. What a great idea to make a hat with the ribbons, etc.

  2. What a great shower! My mom planned my shower with some help from my sisters and it was amazing!

  3. A Hat! I love it. I carried my ribbons down the isle at our rehearsal and at the end my mother freaked out telling me that was bad luck. Ive been married 10 years...
    Looks like it is all going to be a blast of a wedding!

  4. Sounds like a lovely shower.

    I still remember my "hat" and it was 17 years ago.It was the ugliest thing ever, nothing like your sister's.

  5. How fun! You're right above me at roll call over at SITS! Happy day!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful shower! I don't really know anything about bridal showers, despite having one. My in-laws are the only ones who threw me a bridal shower, and most of the fifteen or less women were complete strangers. Nonetheless, it was appreciated that someone cared enough to throw a shower. :)

  7. Aww you guys look so pretty! And so does you rmom! It looks like it was a super day! How wonderful all you women got to be together and bond!

    Hugs to you and to the bride to be!

  8. I wish I'd had such an amazing shower! She is lucky to have such a wonderful family and bright future! You all did a great job Nikki!

  9. Hi Nikki I have something for you at my blog, please come and collect.
    Many thanks

  10. Beautiful shower! Following you from Friday Follow.

  11. Hey, I passed an award on to you. Stop by and check it out!

  12. You two are so pretty! I'm glad you've seen the light about carrot cake. I lurve it.


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