Wednesday, January 6, 2010

journal - jan 5-6 2010 Hawaii

Aloha guys!! Sending you some love and peace from Hawaii!! The trip has been beautiful and fun. I stopped into a little internet place to print up directions and I had to stop on here and say aloha!! :) Since we got here we went on a trek down to the very bottom of the Big Island where there is the worlds only green sand beach. Its a bit of a hike, about 2.75 miles on clay rock to the small inlet cove. The cove is carved out of black lava rock that you have to climb down to the get to the green sand beach. I have a theory... I think the green sand is from the clay color mixed with the black sand beach, that makes it green. Anyways, its beautiful. Most of the beaches at the south part of the island are black, so it was cool to find this one. A few people were hiking out there at 4pm and I was alittle worried for them coming back, we told them it might be better to turn around and come back another day when they leave earlier since it would be really really bad to get stuck out there in the dark. But maybe there are enough stars out here to light the way back. When we got to the beach, we climbed down to the water and there were about 10 people there. We layed out on the warm sand and we swam for a bit in the green light colored water. With the sun shining down it seemed like the water had little shiny crystals in it, I picked up a little bit in my hands and saw the black sand pieces, so thats what it must've been shining off of. The water was so soft and smooth on my skin. If you do this trip, bring 2 bottles of water (we only brought one and were so thirsty on our walk back), sneakers and towels would be a good idea. The less clothes the better. People were walking it in their bikinis. On our walk back we saw a bunch of dolphins do spinnies in the water and some whales flipping their tales and doing blows. It was so peaceful to watch, without any noise or cars.

Last night we took a tour up Mauna Kea, 14000 feet up, the tallest mountain they say, not the highest like Mt Everest but the tallest. I didn't understand the difference but whatever. It was really cool. The tour took us in the middle of the mountain and we stargazed through this high tech digital telescope. We saw the galaxy andromeda (they said was 2.5 million light years away, so if someone were to shine light from there to us, it would take 2.5 million years to get to us, so what we were seeing was the light from 2.5 millions years ago)...that just blew my mind. We saw Orions belt, with taurus the bull, and the brightest star in the sky, sirius or the dog star, that was next to virgo. across the other way we saw jupiter with its 4 moons, that was pretty crazy to see too. It was an awesome tour. We're off to see an acupuncture school today and grab some kava!! :) Mahalo for stopping by!


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  2. Hawaii...what fun! I'm jealous. I've always wanted to go.

  3. Jealous, snowed in, and freezing here. But I'm glad you're having fun!

  4. YOu make me feel like I am there too! Enjoy yourself (okay, you obviously are!)

  5. You're in Hawaii, You lucky ducky.


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