Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did NJ really just approve the medical marijuana bill?

Before I post about the trip to Paradise:)

Did they just really legalize medical marijuana in NJ?

An interesting thing happened this morning while I was at work. The tv was on in the office and lining the bottom of the screen of the today show was - NJ approves medical marijuana use. This was very interesting to read on tv...so you're probably wondering why I'm writing about this on my acupuncture and healing blog right? How this relates to acupuncture and integrative alternative healthcare practices like acupuncture and chiropractic medicine is interesting. For example in acupuncture school we learn about cannabis semen (called Huo Ma Ren, or marijuana seeds) and how they are used as medicinal purposes to help with Large intestine issues (like hemp powder at health food stores), Stomach issues and Spleen issues. Its actions are to moisten the intestines, Strengthens the Yin and clears heat in the body.

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  1. I'm use to this, it's been legal here in California for a while. In fact Arnold is trying to make it legal for all to smoke without being sick. I guess it will bring in a lot of money to the richest, yet we are the poorest most in debt state. I don't get it.

  2. that is interesting that its legal for medical purposes out there and that Arnold is trying to make it all around legal. That is weird, I would think it would bring in more money for people and the state. thanks for your comment girlfriend!

  3. Interesting. I am going to hav to check out your other blog! I do think we spend an enormous amount of money with fighting it, I'd be curious to see how Cali does if it passed.

  4. I totally think marijuana should be made legal for medical purposes, I've seen first hand how it helps cancer patients, for the better!


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