Friday, December 4, 2009

Frugal Tip Friday - wrapping paper for 2$!

Frugal Tip Friday - 2$ wrapping paper!!

So the other night I started to wrap a few gifts and realized I was out of wrapping paper! already! Instead of going out and spending 10 dollars on a small role of nonrecylced paper, I decided to use the age old quick fix when you run out, nope not newspapers, (but almost!) I used Christmas magazines!
You will only need about 1$ for tissue paper for this! and maybe 1$ for ribbon. To start with, you will need: tissue paper, tape, glue, ribbon and loads and loads of Christmas catalogues (that you do not intend on buying from and would just end up throwing away).

First - Cut out all the christmasy pictures in magazines that you like. You can cut them into shapes of circles, or triangles or Christmas trees. I found a few that I liked that cut them into triangles and others that I just made a collage with.

Second - Take your tissue paper and glue or tape the magazine pictures to your paper (or you can also use lined regular paper or computer paper for this. It doesn't matter as you won't see this paper anyway)

Third - Take the tissue paper and lay flat. Paste your pictures onto the tissue paper. If it does not stay, use your clear tape, and fold on in circle on inside of picture to help it stick to paper.

Lastly - Wrap your gift and tie a ribbon around it!

And whalaa! you've made wrapping paper for about 2$! Just remember to tailor the products to the person the gift is for! (I remember that when I was making Martins paper and spotted a picture of high, or maybe he would like that!?) hehe.


  1. What a great idea! And the fact that it's homemade and personalized makes it mean more than store-bought wrapping paper ever could.

  2. My wrapping paper? Free.
    I steal all my mom's extra!

  3. That's cute! I usually have so much wrapping paper but I checked tonight and I'm out.

  4. Thats a really sweet idea Nic! Do the pictures you cut out provide a clue to the recipient about whats wrapped inside?? :)

    Love ya!


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