Monday, December 7, 2009

Brennan and Carr: The Gargulio's Massive Burger

This past Saturday was rainy and cold, it was a total inside day. We watched a rerun of Man vs. Food The show featured a restaurant called Brennan and Carr in Brooklyn NY. My father in law had been going there since he was a child, and I found out so had Martin. He wouldn't take no for an answer and so went on a journey to find this restaurant created in 1938, (that hasn't been changed since, you guessed it, 1938)! It was surprisingly very quaint and cute looking, alittle run down, but the inside had a very cozy warm feel. We sat at a small table and ordered a Gargulio burger. This is the burger that was featured in Man vs. Food. Its like the burger of all burgers, and for someone who just started eating red meat again 2 years ago, I was alittle scared! This burger is a regular angus beef burger, with roast beef on top, with cheese, and the whole burger, with the bun is dipped into a gravy sauce made by the restaurant. Its named Gargulio burger because workers who had been waiting tables at a restaurant nearby, called Gargulio's, always would stop into Brennan and Carr and requested that special burger. I had to show you what it looked like, it was DELICIOUS!! I'm going to have to start making roast beef now it was so good. Here's the burger: A happy Martin:)

The listing from outside the pickup window at the restaurant:

The outside of the restaurant:

Anyone have any good roast beef recipes??


  1. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. I love love LOVE roast beef,,, actually mostly I like roast beef gravy on mashed potatoes and really on everything... but soooo good.

    Up here we eat Roast beef on Weck...
    Weck is a type of roll that has like salt and stuff on it..

  2. thanks D!!!! lol i hope its not a heart attack waiting to happen! :) I've been told by my acupuncturist that I am liver blood deficient, he said I need more red meat...(poor me right?:)) so I'm making it a point to have red meat once a week, this was it, and boy was it good!!!!! :)

  3. I like roast beef but I don't cook it very often because the kids won't eat it.

    I remember an easy recipe that I made in the past. You put a beef roast in the crock pot, pour an Italian salad dressing packet over it, (the powder that you mix with oil to make salad dressing - similar to Hidden Valley ranch packets), add a jar of banana peppers (drained if you don't want it too spicey), and then add a can of beef stock. Cook in the crockpot till you can shred the beef with a fork. You serve it on hoagie rolls with cheese. You can toast it in the oven. Easy and good.

  4. I didn't realize how large that sandwich was until I saw it on the table next to him! That sounds delicious!

  5. That is the biggest, yummiest looking thing I have ever seen:)

  6. Wow that burger looks gooooood!

  7. Hey! How did I miss this????? Wow that does look like a heck of a burger- but yummy! lol.

    My best roast beef recipe is here:

    But really you can find tons on the web. Let me know how your first time making it goes!!


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