Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Randomly I see in the halls of our office, a puppy! :)

He likes biting myhair!

Yesterday I had the priviledge of puppysitting for a friend at work. The little guy's name is Bentley (I know so cute!) He is about 7 weeks old and when I brought him home yesterday, Martin was so happy and played with him while I let Lealu (our puppy and much much bigger than him) smell his doggy bag so that she got a sense of him. Then I slowly brought Lealu over to him and me and Martin kept reminding her to be gentle and she was! It was so cute, she would sniff around him and he would follow her, and there was no jealousy because if Martin was with him, I'd pet Lealu, and we thought of an ingenius idea to say "lealu puppy" and point to him, and then say "lealu" at her, so she could associate! This morning at about 4 am he was crying (we kept him in the kitchen behind the gate for sleeping) and Lealu wouldn't sleep, so I brought her out and we checked on him. He was okay, so back to bed. He kept crying (his mommy says that is because he just wants to be around people) so Lealu cried to us, and I told her to go check on him, and she did! She'd run over to the gate look at him, and then run away, and then back to look at him and then run away again. It was the cutest thing:) Here are some of the pics of him! He is now happy and safe and sound with his mommy again:) whew, it was a long night!


  1. He is so cute it would be hard to be mad at him!

  2. just adorable! want to kiss his sweet face

  3. Sooo cutie! So sweet!!
    I wanna hold him. Now!
    hugs hugs

  4. I'm not a dog person but that puppy is cute enough to change my mind. Adorable!

  5. So cute! I miss the days when mine were puppies!!


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