Monday, October 5, 2009

Applefest, October Warwick NY

Trees of upstate NY are changing so fast into their fall colors!

This past weekend we went to the 21st annual Apple Festival in Warwick NY. Warwick is this cutesy little town in upstate NY where people still wave high to eachother as they walk past, antique shops line the streets and restaurants say "no problem" and give your puppy a water bowl when you bring her to lunch:) The old fashioned victorian houses in the area look like these-
We usually go up to Greenwood Lake NJ, a town about 10 minute drive from Warwick on the weekends and the population of the town is few, maybe I see 50 people walking around. With the Applefest, 35,000 more people came to visit! We parked a few streets away and walked in. The first thing I saw were dancing girls on the town squares stage (isn't that so cute and old fashioned? a town stage?? I feel like I only see those in movies anymore). Some were doing jazz and then younger girls were doing Irish dance! It looked like a recital:)
As we got into the town area, there were more and more people, we had to hold Lealu close so she woudn't get run over! She was pretty good with the people and even let some of the kids pet her:) If you are ever in the area around October, the Applefest is a great place to go but there were very few apples! I wanted to get a big load of juicy fresh picked ones to bring home but the only stand we saw that sold apples was one in the corner that had about 5 smaller apples in each bunch. I would call the Applefest an Octoberfest instead:)The best way to go is apple picking in the area if you're looking for fresh big juicy ones! There were great stores though, a ton of crafty stores selling centerpieces, homemade soaps, some organizations (we found one that does broommaking and blacksmithing), face painting and a bunch of other artsy items. There is a great clothing store in Warwick called the Style Counsel, almost every weekend they have a sale going on where they put out clothes they mark down and sell for 10 bucks! (its a steal).
While we were there we stopped at this French restaurant called "Le Petite Cuisine". Their breakfasts are so so yummy, I've actually tried a few of their dishes at home! One is in a small crockpot dish. You add two eggs, cheese, spinach, tomato and roasted peppers. Sprinkle herbs on top (whatever you like) and bake for 20 minutes, and done! Another is the panini, this one I haven't made yet, but I'm likely making it this week. Its a slice of bread, heavy bread like french bread, with pesto on top, then assorted greens, then tomato, then roasted peppers, then cheese spread over top. Roast for 10 minutes and done! They are so simple and tasty, I can't wait to try that one! They also have cafe lattes that are so big they serve them in a bowl! Here are some pics:

and Lealu on the way home:)

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  1. I can just smell the fall from your pictures! And, would love to live in one of those beautiful Victorians. Thanks for sharing and glad to see you are enjoying the best season of the year!

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. wow! that looks like so much fun! very nice pics. thanks so much for taking me along :)

  3. love the fall for that reason! definitely makes me want to go apple picking soon! :)

  4. Great pictures - very evocative of fall. I love it!

  5. i am so very jealous of fresh apples! mmmmmmm! additionally, your dog looks like she's going to be pleasantly tired :)

  6. What fun! Those little dancing girls are ADORABLE.


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