Friday, September 4, 2009

welcome Mr. Fall!

I love fall and the falling leaves and the warm sweaters so this is a welcome to him:)

Welcome Mr. Fall
welcome to the grandpa sweaters and warm scrunchy mittons
to the cool breezes off the lake

to the fresh smell of colorful leaves popping off their trees
to apple picking, apple festivals and apple pies

to the long hugs from family and friends
to the long drives for family and friends
to drinking red wine outside that matches the yellow, orange and red
to yellow, orange and red!
to wanting to sleep longer and waking up like I've slept forever (love that feeling)
to the sun going to sleep earlier and waking up later
to the moons beginning strength for the winter months
to the yang relaxing and waning
and the yin taking over
to the quiet, to the animals warm nests getting ready for winter
to pumpkins, to watching holiday movies ones that I've seen over and over again,
to the turkey, to the roasted root vegetables, to my moms chicken soup,
to my moms cinnamon bread, to mums:)
to cuddling under warm blankets with a warm drink, a fire and my husband:)
Welcome Mr. Fall!


  1. I love fall! I love fall! I love fall!!!!!!!

  2. hehe!!!! thanks for you comment Shan! right!? isn't fall just like the coziest!?

  3. Stopping by from sits. fall! I am looking forward to all of those things too.


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