Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning, kinda morbid but a family story at the end

I recently watched a dark comedy/drama titled "Sunshine Cleaning" starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. The movie begins with the main character working as a maid. From being the star cheerleader and dating the quarterback in highschool to cleaning houses, very well it looks like, and having an affair with a married man, Rose (Amy Adams) is working to change her life. Her sister, Norah (Emily Blunt) oftens babysits Rose's young son at her apartment while Rose heads out to real estate classes and afterwards, most of the time she'll end up at a hotel, where she meets her highschool sweetheart quarterback, a man who is now married with 1 child and 1 on the way. He comes up with a brilliant idea for Rose to make some extra money, start a cleaning business that cleans up after trauma and crime scenes. Things get kinda gross. Most of the jobs are after people have died and, if its been awhile, there is usually gross things like blood and guts that have been laying around for way too long. Since Norah is out of work, Rose partners with Norah to start the business, afterall what are sisters for but to help us get away with having affairs and start trauma cleaning businesses? There is one scene where Norah becomes entranced by this girl who's mother commited suicide. While cleaning after the incident, Norah finds the mother's wallet, goes through it and finds a picture of along with pictures of the mother's daughter. Norah follows the girl to her job, where she serendipitously works at a blood bank. Norah befriends the girl and we find out why Norah is so upsessed, because when her and her sister were young, they had walked in to see their own mothers death, there is a flashback of when Norah was younger running through a sprinkler smiling and happy, and after she's seen her mother passed, she running in the sprinkler again, only this time crying. Its really sad at this point, but things get better and less morbid, I promise! Rose eventually realizes that she must take responsiblity for her actions and stop messing around with someone else's husband, and Norah, after a turning point in the movie, realizes she needs to find out who she is on her own, away from where she grew up. The father of the girls surprises them at the end and really comes through. Such a beautiful story about family, coming together and being there through the difficult times. There is one more scene (this is the last I'll tell you!) where Rose and Norah arrive at home of a woman who's husband has commited suicide. The body was taken away, but the there is blood all over a room that she won't go into. When Rose arrives, she meets the woman and sits with her as she cries until she feels better. Most of the movie I was thinking how gross that job would be, but that part of it seemed one of the nice perks:) Great movie to rent or put on your Netflix que!


  1. This one is in my Netflix que. (It's a huge que though!) I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

  2. thanks kyslp! I hope I didn't give too much away:) Its a great movie!

  3. Just passing by to say hi and thanks for dropping by and commenting. I love reading your comments. They are lovely
    Have a great day:)

  4. I love Amy Adams. I will watch for it!

  5. I'll have to have the BF add it to our netflix. We are always looking for movies to order. We watched Adventureland last night with Kristen Stewart (twilight chick) all I can say is LAME. WORST MOVIE EVER. And I like stupid funny movies. this was bad!! She is a horrible actress!! Her funky facila expression. I can't stand her! lol

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