Friday, September 25, 2009

Such a great idea to help kittys and animals!!

I co-worker who volunteers at the ASPCA sent around an email today calling all crocheters to crochet an 18 x 12 inch blanket that would go inside a kitty crate so that the kitty would have a nice warm place to sleep/stand/wait in until someone adopts him/her! Isn't that a great idea! No money, no big donations, don't even have to adopt an animal, just crochet a little blanket! I love this idea (and so did everyone in my office, as we all have our crochet hooks and yarn sitting on our desks waiting for some downtime lol) so I thought I'd pass the info along to you! The blankets looks really beautiful in the cages, are warm and cozy for the cats and actually help potential animal owners to spend more time at the cage when seeing all the colorful blankets and they are more inclined to adopt! This is a great thing to do especially before the holidays, You can also make them for the puppies as well, but they would have to be a little larger, 36 x 24. If you would like to make some blankets for these little cuties please mail all blankets to:

424 East 92nd St
NY NY 10128
Attention: Lourdes Bravo

Look at all these pups and kitties who would love a warm cozy blanket to sleep on. I know Lealu would be so upset without her little beddie:)
Spread the word! You could even make them and send them to your local ASPCA!



  1. What a great cause. And what adorable animals!

  2. Oh the white one with the big blue eyes looks like my little kitten that I just got. So cute. I'm suprised they wanted knitted / crochet blankets because the kittens little toenails get stuck in yarn and stuff. I crochet, at least my little kittens nails got stuck on the blanket. I had to use a towel in her little bed.

  3. thanks for the comments guys! wow Lisa I didn't know that! I'm going to let my coworker know that that happens and see what she says.

  4. Awwwww, such cute animals! :) I love the kittens :)

  5. That is such a great idea for a good cause! And your little animals are just adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by Sweeter Living today. I think what you described is so typical for most married couples. We go about our lives, not always conscious of how different we are. I'm a quality time girl myself and will often nag my husband to sit down with me, while he is busy paying bills or doing other important things for our family.

    We both had a real eyeopener when we read the book. Suddenly we realized that we were expecting our mate to communicate love to us in our own love language, and not considering that the other one had different needs.... Well, we did a lot of talking and it just changed our relationship. Now I'm more conscious about his needs, and he is more conscious about mine. And I'm so happy to say that we have a great marriage still after 15 years.

    Wishing you and your husband lots of wonderful years! I'm so glad we met here in Blogworld. I'll follow you too:-)

  6. If I knew how to crochet, I would love to help this cause. Those pictures are too cute!

  7. What a great idea! I don't crochet, but my girls do. We'll get on it right away!


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