Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letter to Nicole 1999

This is a fun experiment blog from Stephanie in the City. Its a letter to yourself when you graduated highschool! Honestly, its kind of funny, because when I was about 17 I did write a letter to myself. I was sitting in a busstop by my moms and wrote a motivating letter after my grandpop had passed away. I felt like he was watching after that and I needed to start living my life the way I knew I should be. (that letter is buried in a journal and I still reflect on that letter to myself!) It just shows how meaningful it can be to look back and see how much you've changed. So here goes:

Dear Nicole 1999:

Hey there girlfriend:) This is your much older slightly smarter self saying hello. First, I know how hard things have been with your mom and I want to tell you that everything will be okay. She will recover from this and she will happy one day again, so there is no need to worry.

All the drama in school with friends and boyfriends will fade. I know you are scared of losing people in your life, but sometimes people are in your life, for a reason, sometimes a season and sometimes forever:) Just accept that and move on. You've learned so much from truly good friends who have led you, each in their own small way to the road you are on today, so stay in touch with them. You will meet wonderful new friends in college, some who will become lifelong friends:)

You don't have to do what everyone else is doing to fit in so take it easy with the self destructive behaviors.

Trust yourself. Trust that deep inside voice with everything you do. The "god" in you knows best.

Jumping into relationships with guys will only make you feel more lonely afterwards and will not bring you any closer to finding your soulmate. That will come later, after you've exhausted every possible idea of who you are going to marry, you will give up, and then you'll finally find the one who will not try to control you, who will support your ideas and thoughts, who will laugh with you at life and who will help you to be more of who you are and express that.

You are afraid of expressing how you truly feel about things, college will help you with this. I know you don't think you are going to college, because you haven't set that up yet and only applied to one college that you don't even know that you've gotten into, but it will all work out. I know you love writing and don't think you got into the playwriting program in college, but again, don't worry because on your first day of class when you think you are stuck in some business program, they will call you to the office and tell you, you were accepted and this will save your life. It will save your life because being around outgoing, theatre expressive friends will show you how to express yourself through writing in ways that you couldn't imagine now.

Everyone tells you you will have to live in the real world. They tell you, you will have to get a big business scary job that you don't like, and that is living in the "real world", don't listen to them, listen to yourself and trust that as long as you have faith in yourself, in God and in the universe, your purpose in life will show itself to you one day. You will have experiences of travel and education and schools that you will be happy with. Follow your own path, even if it is the one less traveled by:)

I know you are embarressed sometimes because your family doesn't have alot of money, but working all the jobs you've worked at and learning how to save money will actually benefit you. I know you think you are going to have to work at a video store the rest of your life and/or be a beach bum, but you will get a great job working in film/government, have an apt and have plenty.

oh one more thing...stop bleaching your hair, its going to fall out! (professional highlights are ok:)) oh and no smoking missy!!

Love, yourself


  1. Great job! Thanks for letting me stop by from Stephanie's blog to read this!

  2. Reminds me of that country song that I think Brad Paisley sings, Letter to me. I think this is a great idea, to bad we can't go back in time. Life would be a lot less stressful. I'm just going to have be my sons letter to himself and let him know, lifes gonna be okay when times get hard for him.

  3. thanks for stopping by Karen!

    Lisa Anne - that is such a great thing to do for your son! If someone had told me a longer time ago before 17 to do this, I think I would've been able to reflect more about things that were going on in my life at the time. thanks for reading!

  4. Ugh. I bleach my hair. Is it going to fall out? I've been lightening it since 2001.

  5. lol stephanie! I lighten mine too:) but I used to use the straight bleach, like from the carton and I did it myself! not too healthy for my hair! :)

  6. I linked over from Steph In The City. Straight bleach? Really? OMG! You're worse than me! Loved your letter, btw.

  7. Very touching, what a great idea.


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