Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Aunts 50th Birthday Bash!

This past weekend my husband Martin, our friend Collin and I went to my aunts birthday bash in NJ. This party was so much fun! It was like a mini wedding. She had it at her and my uncle's house in the backyard. There were flowers, appetizers, main course, and dessert, an open bar, a dance floor and a dj! It was perfectly planned and just so much fun! A few of my little cousin's Elena's friends were there, a girl named Abby and another little girl named Hope, a bunch of family and a bunch of my aunt and uncles friends. We drank and talked and ate and danced until the end of the night, (about 10:30/11 pm), when I was seriously sweating from dancing so much! Did you ever dance until you were at the point where a song would come on and you would just start jumping!? lol, thats what we did! Martin and my aunt Deb were the first ones out there and after that, you couldn't pull anyone off. One of the best parties I've been too, it felt great to dance!! Its great to have different ideas for parties, lately I've been thinking about what I could do for Martin's next year in Feb, a surprise maybe? Any ideas? it'll be cold outside!! :) here are a few pics if you'd like to take peek...

This one was so tasty! It was guac with a tinge of lime in a seaweed shell!
The entrance into the backyard...doesn't that look so storybook??

My cutie little cousin Elena

Elena posing:)

Elena and her friend Jonathan

flowers on the table outside

guests chatting and drinking

more guests

the backyard decorated with lanterns and tables

More guests

My sister Stef, cousin Elena and I sitting on her pink dog!

Thanks Aunt Donna for a great party and HAPPY 50th!! If you are family looking at this and you'd like a pic, just right click and save the pic:)
Love, Nikki

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  1. Wow. That is SO pretty! I especially adore the outdoor lanterns hanging! That must have been magical at night time! Also- Elena is wearing SERIOUSLY high heels!! That's crazy! She was just a baby!!! What the heck!!!

    Cool party Nic! Thanks for sharing!


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