Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Berkshires, Mass. January 2007

Over New Years Martin and I went to the Berkshires in Mass and I here are a few pics of our trip. We snowboarded alittle and I fell most of the time down the mountain but after much frustration and yelling at eachother, I did learn how to stop...eventually:) lol. Apparently that have amazing expert hills. The Berkshires is a really cute place in Massachusetts across the street from Jiminney Peak and if you ever have the chance to go, I recommend it but maybe check the weather first...the last few days was lots of rain! The first pic is us taking off on the road.

This pic is us on New Years Eve after drinking lots...

this is the trail down the resort area we stayed in that we walked down. Don't recommend being outside there in winter at night without lots of clothes...coooooold!

This is a pic of the village Jiminy Peak where they have great snowboarding and a nice restaurant close by, one called Powder Hounds and one that is right in the village called Country Inn. FYI - Powder Hounds was open on New Years without a reservation when we got there early...(we weren't so prepared)...but it also was geered towards families. Country Inn had more of a variety of foods and a more authentic feel.

Pic of the sky while driving.

While there, we climbed Greylock Mountain, which is the highest point in Mass! It was alittle scary cause everything was iced over, usually they have tours where the park rangers take you up to the mountain in a car on a road that is not iced over, but we were too impatient to wait until April:), so we climbed for six hours to the top:) We met five other people after we reached the top which was cool!

this is actually a picture looks like a catalogue pic right?

didn't get a chance to download the pics from howe caverns...(which is a detour we took on the way back to NY...if you try it, just be prepared for a long drive. Hope you enjoy and if you ever go to Lanesborough Mass...I totally recommend checking out Mt. Greylock. :)

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