Monday, October 17, 2011

RIP Steve Madden sandals & Happy Pet Wellness Month!

Did you know October is National pet wellness month? When I was told it was pet wellness month, I had to let you all know.  Our pets are very important to us, they join our family and become a part of it so fast, shoe chewing tendencies and all. I've had my share, this past weekend Corbin tackled a shoe of mine that I loved while I was away at the Harvest Festival Craft Fair in Cape May NJ selling homemade soaps that my Mom and I make. I was very upset but I thought about it and after hiding my other shoes (we don't have too many places to hide them as the house still isn't ready downstairs), I thought, this is just a pair of shoes, yes they were one of my faves and they were totally cute (they were platform Steve Madden sandals with leather straps and leather lining on the base so that my foot just slid in so nicely, anyways, right back to the point), I love him and my sandals were just a thing. I can always replace the sandals (hopefully maybe I can get them on sale since they are not in season right now) but I can't replace his cutie, furry, soft face. Both he and Lealu are our pups forever and so special to us and just really cool puppies. So in honor of National Pet Wellness Month, Martin got them each a bone, not the ones with the raw hide which can hurt their tummies, but the real ones with the marrow inside (yuck, they go nuts over it). There is a great site that I was told about where a Pet Nutrition Center just began, called where pet owners can get all cool snippets of information as well as ask questions to veteranarians about what is healthy for your pet in regards to food, vaccines, anything really. You an also take a Nutrition Quiz on the site as well. Check it out! Its kind of like webmd but for animals!  In addition to the site, there is a dog food that I was told about called New Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance. I'm interested to try it just based on the facts about the food. Our puppies are great with either Holistic or Purina One Beyond, other types that we tried that do not have so many natural ingredients and whole foods have given them the worst diarrhea, so I'll start them slow with alittle bit to see how they like it. If it doesn't work with their system, we have to stick with what works.  Here are a few facts about New Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance -

  • Offers natural ingredients and the power of advanced nutrition 
  • Meat-first formula – first ingredient is fresh chicken 
  • Contains whole grains, fruits and vegetables 
  • No corn, fillers or artificial colors 
  • Noticeable improvement in skin and coat in 30 days
  • Not too much, not too little – just the right balance of natural ingredients for the best nutrition for your dog
  • Available for Puppy, Adult and Mature Adult (two-three sizes per lifestage) 

They sell the Science Diet Ideal Balance at Pet Specialty stores so maybe they'll have it at Petco. Cost is not bad either, with the price between 9.99 to 39.99. Holistic can run up to 50$ for a large bag. 

I'll let you know how they like it! Hope you have a great Monday!

I was given a sample to try from Science Diet Ideal Balance. I don't know how Lealu or Corbin will do with their dog food, but after I give them a little, I'll make sure to let you know!


  1. I didn't know that about October either. I am actually going to be helping my sister out. Her cat got out and he got hurt and needs a vet so I am taking her and the cat to the vet. She doesn't have a car.

    Sorry about your shoes. But your are right. The shoe is just a thing. The pup is your fur baby.

  2. Okay, mourn the shoes and THEN? Be happy! Because he chewed your sandal, you get a new pair! Yippee!


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