Wednesday, October 26, 2011

House Update Wednesday!

This week is proving to be a beautiful one! Its been chilly in the mornings but sunny in the afternoon, which is really nice! I'm a bibliography away from finishing my 20 page paper for school in points and the way points are used in the three styles of acupuncture and we have stone!! (see below)

we are also having the pellet stove delivered tomorrow, and this weekend, thanks to the help of our awesome families, we're putting in the puffy stuff that goes in between the wall and the sheetrock, and the sheetrock!!! then next week, we're going to work on the tile and ordering the spiral stairs, that because of lack of funds, we've decided to take on ourselves! how does that go? creativity is the mother of necessity? something like that! hopefully we'll have the house done and ready by the holidays!!


  1. The house is looking great......How cool if you could have it done before Xmas..cant wait to see more pics!!! Congrats on your paper, I bet it rocks:)

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  2. Wow! I have been out of the loop for too long! It is looking good. How exciting.


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