Wednesday, October 12, 2011

House Update Wednesday - wordless!

I am so excited to show you this! My awesome Dad came up to the house on Columbus Day, (which was his day off) to help us finish the siding! How awesome is he!? He showed us some cool stuff, and not only showed us how to put up siding last year, but taught me that when finishing siding at the bottom, its best to have a piece of J-channel along the bottom (this will help separate the siding from the stone we're going to be getting in a few weeks, hopefully if everything works out). You can see the radon pipe, that big white pipe is now going straight through the roof, when the radon guys installed it, they made it go around the roof. We thought it would look better just going up through, so Martin got the tools and fixed it! He did an amazing job! Thank God for men lol. I think its something in their brains that know how to do this stuff instinctively, like how women just know how to multi-task. You can see Lealu and Corbin below playing, she looks kinda mean but I promise she's just defending herself. Poor girl gets pushed around when Corbin plays!

 Here is a gorgeous view of sunset on the lake. We were driving to dinner over the weekend, and pulled over to take this. Gorgeous, right!?


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