Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend, with a great party

Last weekend we had my Dads birthday dinner at my Aunts. It was wonderful to see everyone. I wish we could've had it here but with the house not finished yet, (the bathroom would be described as horrid to some people lol, I call it roughing it), we have to wait until next year to have a party like that. We do that confirmation that the house work will start the first week of August...I can't wait! So at my Dads party, we watched a little Hawaii movie that I made with our new imovie thingy on the computer (I'll post here soon, I can't wait to make one of the upcoming wedding I'm going to this weekend!) and we talked and played quates and sang. It was great fun. We got my dad yoga classes, he's been practicing and has been interested so hopefully he'll start the classes soon! I should probably give him classes too! At the party a few of us played the game that I reveiwed here called Loaded Questions. I don't like playing board games too much, but this one is so awesome because it really got us talking about things we wouldn't normally talk about. For example, one question was "What do you feel that you've done in your life that went unnoticed?" My cousin wrote "picking up trash outside", my Grandmom put "having children" (she raised three, which I can't even imagine the hard work that went into that) and my aunt put "throwing a good party" (which can be very difficult and I would love to learn from her how she does it so well!). I never knew this before!! Another question was at the end of your life, if you had to call it a movie title what would it be? One person put "Happy Life", another question was "What movie makes you cry every time?" I put "A River Runs Through It" cause ugh thats the worst, the tears just keep coming and coming and coming. My little cousin put "Harry Potter". These are the kids of things that we got to talking about from this game!! Cool right!? I know I'm going to bring this game to the next party for sure!

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  1. We played Imagine If... oh man we laughed pretty hard over that one. Love the HP answer. I will cry too when it is all over! :'(


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