Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Road trip!

This past weekend my awesome amazing sister drove for 6 hours to come over so that she could the next morning wake up at 5am to drive with my another 6 hours to road trip to our friend Danielle's wedding! It was a beautiful day so that worked in our favor. On the ride we made sure to bring plenty of snacks. We ended up stopping twice for gas, made pit stops then and so we made it their in about 6 hours. Its amazing how fast people drive and how easy it is to drive 80 mph after you've been driving for a long time! It was a great ride with lots of chats and music. When we arrived, we checked into the hotel right away.

We got showers, got dressed and met up with our good friends Laura and Dave who we went to the church with!

Her colors were a gorgeous blue that almost matched the sky that day! sorry some came out alittle dark!

And soon the gorgeous bride walked down the isle with her Dad:)

Her dad gave the sweetest speech at her wedding, talking about how when she was little he'd sing a song from Kermit the frog to her, and it was so well planned, the dj started playing it! It went perfectly:)
and here they are man and wife!!

their gorgeous cake! I mean who amazing does this cake look!!??

Danielle had mentioned her centerpieces and how she was doing them, but I couldn't really picture how pretty and elegant everything would look! Like fairytaleish (is thats a word)!

here they are cutting their cake:)

 and again under the chandelier with that gorgeous cake!

Stef and I at the reception, I think this was before we had some wine in us and before the crazy dancing started! :)

Danielle and Kevin's first dance. Just beautiful. Look how happy she looks:) Their song is Rascal Flatts "My Wish" 

Dave, Laura's husband, making funny faces with Molly the flower girl!

Me and my very good best friend Shan!

This was awesome...Dave and the bride's brother Chris did a dance off to that song "My name is Humpy"! I wish wish wish I had gotten this on video but I was too late. I do have a few pictures for you!

If I could give this wedding one word it would be "princesslike" because Danielle looked like such a princess and everything like a fairytale:) such a beautiful wedding and wonderful people that I'm so grateful to spend time with!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip! You and friend are so cute!


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