Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal tip Friday - a date night or family night maybe?


I want to tell you about a place where you can go in the city to watch any number of films, where you can be amongst artists and filmmakers, where you can watch films that don't reach the theatres, where you can get all fancied up or go casual, and maybe even mingle with celebrities! I'm talking about the Tribeca Film Festival! Thats right the Tribeca Film Festival is coming soon, and begins April 20th and ends May 1st. There are many new independent films and many new more mainstream films, that include Q & A talks afterwards with the director and actors and this year, even a free Family Festival!  To check out their site, you will want to go to the Tribeca Film Festival site.  Some of the films that will be playing are "Revenge of the Electric Car" (I'm so excited to see this one!!!), "A Beautiful Mind" with a talk afterwards with director Ron Howard, and many others! Each film is 16$ per ticket for the film, and only 8$ for matinee (begin before 6pm) and late night films (begin at 11pm)!  Thats not bad considering going to movies can 22$! and you're going to the Tribeca Film Festival! The Tribeca Talks are 25$ each.

Possibly the best part of Tribeca this year is the free events that they are holding! April 21st "Fame" is showing for free at 6pm, and on Saturday April 23rd, "The Muppets Take Manhattan" will be showing for FREE!! There will also be a very cool FREE Family Festival on Saturday April 30th from 10-6p at Greenwich, north of Chambers Street. There will be restaurants, merchants, storytelling, free screening and Broadway performances! How fun is that??!! 

To get more details just click on the link about for the Tribeca Film Festival site and enjoy all the free events they have to offer!!!

Happy Frugal tip Friday!


  1. Thats so cool! Love film fests and so neat Tribeca is making lots of the festivities free!

    Have fun!

  2. I will one day make my way to New York..and when I do, girl I am looking you up!!

  3. Okay. Want to invite me out to partake? I'm game!


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