Friday, March 25, 2011

Frugal tip Friday - for your notebooks and classes!

Classes are coming to a close in a few weeks and I'm so excited for this semester to be over. I've learned alot and enjoyed learning, maybe its because I'm not used to taking so many classes, maybe its because I'm taking my first year comprehensive exams (finally), but I've been studying and studying for these upcoming important tests. Part of studying means going back to old binders and notebooks and looking through, while at the same time preparing for next semester (which starts May 1st!) its a vigorous and wonderful program that I am grateful to be able to call one of my passions. Vigorous and wonderful and...expensive! Graduate classes can run, well I won't go into specifics, but alot so I save money wherever I can with school. For example, I get books at, or used on amazon, or I just go to Barnes and Nobles (something I'm experienced with from undergrand) grab a chai and take notes while reading the book there. One big part of the upcoming comprehensive test are Acupuncture Points, their locations and their functions. I have a great big binder full of notes and handouts from Points 1, 2 and 3 classes. It looks like this:

and its pretty full! I don't want to spend any more $ on binders. Thats it, this is what I have to work with. So...I decided to use my handy binder clips, take out the paperwork and make a pack bound by the clips. It works great! And the best part about this is that I can save the bound papers for studying and for future and I'll know whats in the paper pack and that everything is staying organized while I continue to reuse my binder for next semesters Points 4 Class! Here is how it came out after the papers were taken out and bound with binder clips.

 How cool is that!? Recycling your binder can save a ton of money at the end of each semester or school year. Even if you store the paper packs in a box, because of the binder clips there is no worry of the papers getting all crumbled and messy because they are bound and also in between dividers.

Happy Frugal Tip Friday!!

I'm big into Zen, trying to find it, working on keeping it and meditating with it. There is an interesting article if you are interested in Zen habits for reducing clutter!  There are 25 and they even link to other great blogs that can help.

ps- I was not given any product to review or monetary payment for above Zen blog with links, just wanted to share!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. This is a great idea on recycling the binders, thank you for the inspiration. I might do something similar to this ;)


  2. Yes, the cost of grad school is KILLER! I always resuse my binders too. We get a ton through school, so I have gads of them. I'll send 'em your way if you need some!

  3. An adult can totally do that. A kid...well they are not so kind. hahaha. But I do like the idea. I am such an office supplies addict. Seriously it is my crack.


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