Friday, January 28, 2011

Frugal Tip Friday - making your own essential oils!

Over the snow day yesterday I did so much! I cleaned and cooked and did my favorite relaxing, took a nice warm bath! It was so nice to have the day off to just chill and watch shows that I don't usually get to see like the View. Because I couldn't just sit and relax all day long, I cleaned up a bit in our closet. I went through some containers that we had items stuffed into, I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and the medicine cabinet. I found a few empty bottles of essential oils. I found a rosemary that had just a little left over. It smelled delicious...and perfect for my nice warm bath! And since I had all that time on my hands and not a health food store in sight, I wanted to see how I could make alittle more oil to keep on hand for future baths, or just to smell for relaxation or maybe even to use for making soaps!  I researched how to make your own essential oils. Its actually pretty easy. All you need is olive oil or grapeseed oil or sunflower oil, an herb that you'd like your oil infused with, and a glass jar. Place your oil and your herbs in your jar. Close the lid and let sit for 30 days in a sunny area in your home. After 30 days, the oil should be infused enough to use for whatever you'd like!

Because essential oils can cost so much money, chamomile costs 30$ for a small bottle, I'm really excited to be making these on my own with the raw herb and or flower. For my first oil, I chose rosemary, because thats what we have alot of growing in our apartment.  Here are a few photos of the makings of rosemary oil!

After 30 days, drain out the herbs and you are left with your essential oil!
Enjoy! I hope you can practice making your own essential oils too!

Happy Frugal Tip Friday!


  1. 30 days! Yikes. I am so impatient. haha. I still haven't tried the vinegar. I keep forgetting to buy a spray bottle. D'oh!


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