Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frugal tip Friday - guest blogger talks holiday online shopping!

With Christmas coming this weekend, New Years shortly after and the awesome deals that go on after the holidays, what better time than to talk online shopping! I know how much I love getting the best deals when I go back to work after the holidays, but sometimes I'm stuck in front of a computer instead of where I'd like to be, strolling the halls of a mall somewhere. Sarah is here to tell us all about online shopping! Sarah Simpson loves shopping! But she also likes to make sure that she’s truly picking up a bargain! She currently operates Offer UK, which lists a wide range of discounts and coupon codes, including the latest Miss Selfridge discount codes.  Welcome Sarah and thanks for stopping by!
With Lots of Love and Merryness, Nikki

A Closer Look at Online Shopping

An online shopping trip is unlike any other shopping trip you'll ever take. It's an adventure from start to finish that will save money, increase your choices, and leave you feeling good about your shopping skills.

There's never a bad time to shop online. At any hour of the day or night, logging on and putting in shopping time is worth it.

Online shopping is a relatively new development in the lifetime of the Internet. Years ago an online store was a marvel. Now almost every major offline store has an online counterpart that offers a much bigger selection that the offline store can realistically hold in stock. Thanks to this, people are able to shop in ways that allow for huge savings. Free and flat rate shipping has broken the barrier of online shopping and now everyone loves the idea of shopping online. Online shopping is also easy on the budget.

Set the Limits

Before you venture off into the stores of the internet, make sure that you have a set budget. Determine to use online coupons and other store offers to reduce the amount of money you spend. You'll find that your budget goes a long way when you pay careful attention to it. By creating a budget, you also reduce the chances of impulse purchases.

Compare, Compare, Compare

It's impossible to accurately stress the importance of comparison shopping. It's one of those things that is absolutely critical. The powerful tool of comparison search engines leave shoppers with an unbelievable amount of options when they're shopping. The comparisons are fully-detailed. Customers get product prices, ratings, descriptions, and more. Shoppers can sort the results based on criteria they choose. If you shop online, always compare prices. You'll save money that way.

Great Deals

Every online store loves to share its deals with you. When they give you deals, you buy more and you save more. It's a winning combination for the business and for you. Almost every online store has a deals section and the option to sign up for a great deals newsletter that will inform you when new sales arrive. This alerts you to the savings. You can then rush to the store and buy the items you need and want.

Don’t forget to take advantage of coupons and discount codes too. You can use these to make some significant additional savings.

Happy Shopping !

Follow these tips to make the most of your online shopping trip and save the most amount of money. It feels good to look at the bottom line and see how much you've saved. Once you see how much money online shopping can save you, it's likely that you'll be back for more online shopping trips in the future. It is one of the few time-tested and easy ways to save money on your products and services.

Happy Holidays and Happy Frugal tip Friday!

Stefani is here to give us her frugal tip that helped her through the holidays with buying gifts. Stefani says "For family gifts, aunts and uncles, I buy a nice bottle of wine for each of them. If I know my aunt likes red, I'll get her a bottle of red, if I know my other aunt likes white, I'll get her a bottle of white. The best part of buying wine as gifts is that you can buy in bulk and save!" Stefani lives in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa with her husband and cat Phoebe. She is a graduate student in education and works two part time jobs!
Thanks Stefani for your frugal holiday shopping tip!

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  1. There are some definite advantages to shopping online. But I also love going to the stores. I am on board for both types of shopping. Great tips.

  2. I HOPE IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I've missed all you blogging pals!


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