Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple Festival, October Warwick NY

Over the weekend we stopped in at the Warwick Apple Festival in upstate NY! It was so much fun especially because we got there at about 8am before all the crowds got there and when people were just starting to set up. It was really cool to have enough space and time to meet the vendors and walk around with Lealu. I met a wonderful soapmaker who makes soaps for Sunrise Mountain Soap and he gave me some great tips for our craft show October 16th! We picked up a big bag of apples from a local farm and that taste so fresh!

The Warwick Apple Festival takes place once a year usually the first week of October for one day. Crafts, apples and local natural products are sold. It is a really fun time and definetly worth it to take a bus from Port Authority (that will drop you right into the town of Warwick) or driving up to! Here are a few pictures of the vendors setting up and one that I took last year after the crowds had come. The street looks really different!
This year -

 and last year after the crowds come -

Martin and Lealu posing (don't blame him for the pouty face lol its like 8am and I'm taking pictures!)


  1. LOVE apples..a sure sign that Fall is here!!!

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  2. There is an apple orchard out somewhere around here. I want to take the kids...now if I can remember the name! hahaha. I would be taking pictures too!

  3. Dont you just love the apple time of year? We go every year too and I always adore it!

  4. Like this post. Always daydreaming about doing these small-town things (live in Manhattan, assuming you are in the city too, haven't looked at your About section yet). Also love your dog who looks like mine (pit-whippet or pure pit we cannot tell).


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