Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saving trips to the Laundromat & a Wordless Lealu for Wednesday

Living in an apartment or a condo or a house even, sometimes means you have to lug laundry around to either a laundromat or at least another floor to a laundry room. Making many trips back and forth to the laundromat can take a whole day, and unless you have a padlock to put on the laundry machine, you really don't want to leave your clothes in a machine while you run out to bring clothes home and dirty ones back!  I remember my last apartment where the laundromat was a few blocks away and I had my trusty 84 Toyota Carolla to drive me and carry my clothes. I'd load up the backseat and bring clothes back and forth to my car. By the time I got home, it took me like 4 trips of running back and forth to my car to get everything, and the clothes would be spewed out all over, getting dirty again!  My roommate and I went one time on a snowy Sunday and spent the whole day washing and drying clothes! Forget about trying to take the subway with all my laundry bags. A great way to conserve time as well as gas, is to pack clothes in a way that would allow for the maximum amount of space.  Here is an example of how much room clothes piled high unfolded take up,

 compared to how much room the same amount of clothes rolled up take.

That is a huge amount of space! I might be able to fit a whole other load on top of there! Rolling clothes keeps the clothes from wrinkling and keeps them from being thrown all over a dirty car, as well as gives you the room to fit more clothes than you normally would, which allows for less time needing to go back and forth! I wish someone had sat me down and had a long talk about laundry when I was young, don't you? lol. No but seriously, this really helps the whole laundry situation especially if you're doing laundry where you can't make so many trips.

And here's alittle Lealu snuggly love for ya!


  1. SUPER cute post...great advice..I have first floor laundry in my house, and it still sucks the big ones!!!

    Have a Fabulous day!
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  2. I have had laundry in my home since 1995. I only had to have apt laundry for a short time. I am glad. But I never would have thought to roll the laundry. Seriously a good idea.

    Lealu is so cute. :D

  3. I do not use a drier. This cuts my time in half. I simply have a couple clothes drying racks that I hang my wet things on. I also use my rack to air out my clothes that are not really dirty that I have only wore for a couple hours then I do not have to wash them at all. Until a couple mores wearings.


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