Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I get my hair highlighted for 40$

Part of living in the city is being able to have access to the same hair stylists has Kelly Ripa and Katherine Heigl, but sometimes those prices can range upwards of 300$ per visit. For the student who's just moved here, or for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, its difficult to afford a good hair cut or color/highlight. I've even heard people say its my hair or my rent! Well you don't have to worry about that anymore! I actually found this out from an intern who was helping out where I work. She always had the most gorgeous hair and highlights and one time I asked her how she did it on a part time pay budget while interning. She told me a secret - salons all over the city have student times where, throughout the week, they allow customers to come in and get their hair cut/colored and/or highlighted by a student for next to nothing! And these are salons like Aveda and Bumble and Bumble! The only catch is that you must have a flexible schedule, so the times for a cut or color might be during the daytime when most people work.  As long as you are flexible and can maybe arrange the day off or take an extra hour for lunch, you can get pretty awesome hair dos for so cheap. The hair salons that participate (there are many more I just didn't list all of them here):

Aveda Salon
site: http://www.avedainstituteny.com/
Aveda is located at 233 Spring St in Manhattan
You just have to contact them and make an appt - their number is 212 807 1492
They take appts for Tuesday- Friday 9a-9p, or Saturdays 9a-5p
cuts cost 20$ and include blow out, color is 45$, half highlight is 50$, full highlight is 75$

Bumble & Bumble
site: http://bbumodelproject.com/
415 West 13th St in Manhattan
While I love everything I've heard about bumble & bumble, it seems like to actually get an appt is a big tough. You have to have certain type of hair and want the cut that they are giving, instead of just going in like a normal haircut but with a student. Their contact is 1866 7 BUMBLE.

Dop Dop
site: http://www.dopdop.com/site/main.html
170 Mercer Street in Manhattan
I've actually tried this one before, and it was great! They treat you very well and like you are a regular customer.  Their contact is 212 343 1897.  Haircuts are 25$, Color is 35$ and highlights are 50$. These services are held every other Monday beginning September 13th from 10:30a-4p.

John Frieda
site:  http://www.johnfrieda.com/index.asp
797 Madison Avenue at 67th St in Manhattan.
John Frieda offers Wed night classes and their contact number is 212 879 0409.  Their site is pretty general, I recommend calling.

site: http://parlorhairsalon.com/education.html
Very cute site!
102 Ave B in Manhattan
Their contact is 212 673 5520. Parlor takes appts on Mondays 1, 3 & 5pm. Cut is 20$, and highlights 40$.

Younghee Salon
site: http://youngheesalon.com/
65 North Moore in Manhattan
Their contact is 212 334 3770. I gave a call and the receptionist was very nice. She took my name and number down and said that someone would be in touch within a few weeks to schedule a cut! I gave a call to all of the salons I listed here, and by far they were the easiest scheduling.  I was told they do student, cuts and color usually every week.

The best part about this is that these discounts for working with students are all over the country! My mom took me and my sister out before her wedding for facials at an Aveda school in NJ, and they were amazing...and only 40$ each (which is a great deal on 1 hr facials!) So check and see if they offer students salon services in your area, it could save you alot!

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. I have heard of this. I had a stylist offer to highlight my hair for $45. I knew what a steal it was. I didn't do it. Pictures, before and after are a must!!

  2. Thats great news.....and good for students to know:)

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  3. That is a super hot price!!!!!!!!!1

    I am dropping by because we are giving you a Life is Good Award! If you would like to accept, come visit us and get details over here:


  4. Oooh next visit I am getting my hair done! I love Dop Dop!


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