Friday, July 9, 2010

Frugal tip friday - for your yogurt

Happy Friday!  Todays frugal tip friday is one that I really wanted to share and that I'm really excited about! For the past few weeks I've been making our own granola. I've been added some psyllium husk (which is great for fiber). Having the granola with milk is okay, but with some yogurt tastes even better. So I started buying the little yogurts so that I could have one in the morning, and my husband (work leaves for work at around 5:30 am, way too early to have breakfast then) takes some granola and a to go little yogurt for his breakfast. Having a healthy breakfast is very important to me, especially because where he works, sometimes all he can find are McDonalds or an equally unhealthy shop. I love him and care about him and I don't want him eating that stuff! But I do understand its attraction, its fast, its easy and its cheap. With taking the yogurt and the granola to breakfast, its now, fast, easy cheap and healthy!! which makes me feel good:) What I've been noticing is that garbage thats accumulated from these yogurt containers. The ones we've been buying have a foil top, so its impossible to reseal the top after use. I went searching for a smaller yogurt container that maybe I could reuse, my thinking is always that if you buy in bulk, its got to be cheaper than smaller quantities. And I found one! There was a yogurt that was sold in a smaller container. So I picked up 3 and also bought a larger yogurt to keep in the fridge, this way I can wash and refill the smaller containers for the next breakfast. Here they are:

How much did I save per week by doing this?
Before switching to bulk yogurt - spent 12.50 dollars a week on yogurt (1.25$ roughly per 6oz small container)
How much do I spend now? - I wash and reuse smaller containers, refill with larger and I now spend $4.19 x2 a week (which is 8.20) on two larger 32 oz containers! In order to get the same amount 30 oz each per week that I'd be using, I have to buy 2 (which leaves 1 serving leftover). Thats a savings of 4$ plus an extra serving! and helping to put less of those small containers into the trash makes this move not only frugal, but green too!
I love finding new ways to be frugal:)
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Hey there, stopping by from trendy Treehouse New Friend Friday! I'm now following your blog! Love your Frugal Friday tip - I'm a big time bargainista too & I always buy the small yogurts too, so that's a great one! Stop by & check out my blog & follow me back if you'd like. :)

  2. Sounds like a plan! I prefer having yogurt with my granola. If I want to get creative, and I have time, I like to make a fruit-yogurt-granola parfait in a wine glass. I'm suddenly having a craving for a parfait right now.;-) Have a great weekend!

  3. That's an excellent idea! Good job. I did something so totally green the other day, and I immediately thought of you. Now can I remember it? Nope! But when I do...I will be emailing you. Hahaha.


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