Friday, July 30, 2010

Frugal tip Friday - for purchases

When I first moved to the city for college I really couldn't be bothered with rewards points. I was too busy wasting money on frivolous things and racking up credit cards from the guy standing at his table right outside of the college. Well I'm so happy to say that today I participate in every rewards program that I can, to get the awesome benefits. Almost every store now has a free rewards program. I have a card for Key Food (a local grocery store), Shoprite, CVS and Duane Reed as well as the rewards program through my Debit/CC. Its super important to sign up for these programs when living anywhere, not just in a city. I feel like if someone had sat me down and told me why these ways of saving were important, I would have much less debt than I have now and more saved! Here are a few places that offer rewards cards if you'd like to take a look:

Key Food - Key Food is a grocery store mostly in Brooklyn NY although I've seen them outside of the city too. Their program is called the Key Food Savings Club. By signing up, you get discounts on many different products and foods.  The best part is, you also save on time, there is no need to clip coupons with this card as all the coupons are added to your purchase at the register!

CVS - CVS has a rewards program called ExtraCare Rewards where you can earn ExtraBucks. To earn ExtraBucks Rewards, you will receive 2% back with every instore purchase and every purchase from the CVS pharmacy online store. The rewards accumulate every 3 months and print your store receipt. You can then spend your ExtraBucks at CVS! (so basically its like free stuff)

Duane Reed - Duane Reed's reward program is called Flex Rewards. I love this card because whenever I use it I get discounts that I didn't expect, and after savind up 500 points (you make 2 points per 1$ spent) you get 5$ to spend! I usually pick up a pack of almonds for a snack or a card, it really helps and is a great surprise!

Shop Rite - Shop Rite's rewards program is called The Price Plus Club. We joined this and its great for whenever we are in Jersey. We don't receive coupons for ShopRite, so with the Price Plus Club we get discounts added to purchases and free recipes online! The Shoprite Family Rewards Program lets you earn reward points for purchasing certain family items, the points can then be redeemed at the Shoprite onilne store!

Borders - The Borders Rewards program is free and allows you to get exclusive discounts emailed to you directly! I love this program because when I buy gifts or books I usually always have a discount from them in my email, whether its 20% or 40% off!

Its great to check with your bank and or CC company to see about rewards through them. At the end of the year I can get about 100$ worth of Starbucks or Blockbuster cards which help with the Xmas gift giving!

I hope I helped someone to save and spend smarter than I used to! Now if they only had gym membership rewards, that would be perfect. If you know of any other rewards programs please leave a note below and share!

Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for the reminder to use these! I like the one at CVS very much!

  2. I am a big fan of these rewards too! Good way to save $$~!

  3. I totally use the CVS and Borders rewards programs!! Thanks for sharing the others! Cute blog - newest follower :)

  4. I have CVS. Walgreen's has good deals/rewards too.

  5. Here from Trendy Treehouse and their New Friend Friday. Love your ideas and actually use some of them. Others just aren't in my area. Great blog!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hello... i am following you now from friday followers. Hope you could return the favor. its and

    Enjoy your weekend. Thank you


  7. We use our reward cards faithfully. Kroegar gives a discount on gas for every $100 spent.


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