Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless as I walk - because my friend hasn't uploaded yoga pics yet!!! & I won a Pink Lady pic!

Annnddd!!! I won something!!! Look below at this awesome picture from Heather at her etsy shop. She has more gorgeous pictures you can check out here at her blog Miles of Style.
Thank you Heather!!! Here's where I put it. I love the picture so much, sometimes when I'm rushing around getting ready for work it makes me take moment so I can feel girly and swirly:)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. What a gorgeous picture and I loved the chalk drawing how amazing!!

  2. That is a cool picture! You lucky girl you! And I agree with Danielle, the chalk drawing is amazing.

  3. what an awesome picture. and I am in total awe of the paint picture!


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