Friday, June 25, 2010

Frugal Tip friday - for your favors!

Its a very nice luxury to purchase favors from someone else for a party your hosting, whether it be a birthday, a baby shower, bridal shower or wedding. But for us frugalies, purchasing favors is the last on the list! A huge complaint is that handmade products look less put together or professional. But no more!  I found these labels on Vistaprint:

I think these are new because when I was looking a few months ago for soap labels, I definetly didn't see these. My good friend and co workers baby shower is coming soon and my mom and I will be making her soaps for her favors along with a lip gloss, but honestly I was alittle nervous because I wanted to make sure they looked professional and pretty enough to be used as favors. They are perfect for going over our soaps that we made a few weeks back:

and perfect to add alittle style to any handmade favor! And they help save a ton of money on buying favors too.  They come in many different sizes and shapes, circle, small and large, oval, square. You could even crochet a scarf, wrap it in tissue paper and put this label on the outside! How cute would that be!? Stop by and make your own labels for your own favors!!  ps I'll do a post after the soaps are all wrapped and ready to be delivered with pictures! and new labels to come at our etsy shop!

Hope you have a great weekend!

** I was not compensated in anyway for this post, I just really love these labels!


  1. Hey, I'm stopping in from New Friend Friday. I used VistaPrint for my wedding announcements, if you can believe it, and feel like I definitely got my money's worth! Thanks for the tip about the labels - I obviously need to go see what's new over there. :)

  2. Found your blog on New Friend Friday, and I love it! What great tips you share!

    I was actually just introduced to Vista Print yesterday and I have already placed 2 orders! I'm a teacher, so I ordered all kinds of neat things for my students/classroom, and all of it was FREE! I just had to pay shipping! I think this is going to become a quick addiction... :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing VistaPrint. I'm going to check it out. BTW, I'm visiting from New Friend Friday.

  4. Those are totally cute. I am going to point them to a friend of mine.

  5. Hopping by from Friday Follow! You have a new follower! Yippey I am nuber 200! Balloons please! :) Come and visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  6. Hey, Nikki, thanks for your sweet comment about the purses! No, I don't make them (or anything, actually) for craft shows. I've daydreamed about starting an etsy shop, but I really don't think I have the necessary time OR talent. ;)

  7. I'd never heard of that! I'll bookmark it so I can find it next time I need something like this.


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