Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meditation Rooms

I used to love going to the Chopra Center close to work on my lunch break. I would stop in, ascend down the stairs and open the heavy wooden door to enter the meditation room. It was so quiet except for the soft clings of music far off, maybe from a nearby yoga class, there were 5 or 6 pillows lining the outside of the room and in the center a rock monolith on a pedestal. So simple, it was easy to close my eyes and let my mind relax and enter inwards. I was so sad when it moved and just became a spa at the Dream hotel nearby. I truly think it would've made it, they just needed to charge maybe 20$ a month of unlimited access (I would've gladly paid that), instead of the free access. I'm thinking about turning an area of our living room in our small apartment into a meditation area. We've had in the past, but slowly stuff piled up and we "needed" the space. I'd like to recreate the calm of the meditation room but in our apartment and I got to thinking...how can I do that? We have floor pillows so thats not an issue. We have a cd player, check. Actually I found this list of items you could use for a meditation room from here.

Item #1 Cushions

Item #2 Incense

Item #3 A Small Prayer Table

Item #4 A CD player

Item #5 Seven Candles

Item #6 Peaceful Pictures and Photos
Item #7 A Vase of Flowers

I truly think everyone is different, for me, the prayer table doesn't work because it eventually, like the last prayer table in our meditation room, became cluttered with pictures and momentous, which really just made me feel, well cluttered. I really just want something like this:

One thing we would have to do is get rid of or donate our huge coffee table. Its a beautiful wooden coffee table and I would hate to get rid of it but it is really the only way we can have an open space like this. Maybe the inlaws will take it:) I will be sure to take photos when its ready.
Here is another example of a meditation room:
How simple and beautiful is that?
For now while I'm at work I'll have to settle for something like this online meditation room. Its pretty cool actually. There is a zen room, a flower room, a water room, a forest room, a space room and a winter room.
Here is the Meditation Room link, it even comes with music while you watch the images!

Do you meditate? Do you have a meditation room?

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Doesn't that sound wonderful right now. A calm, peaceful room where you can sit and reflect. NEED ONE!

  2. I don't know if I could calm myself down enough to meditate. But I know what you mean about coffee tables. I'm always campaigning to live without a coffee table. I feel it opens up your living room MUCH more. But everyone always has to have one!

  3. Oh wow, see I'd love to have an outdoor space like that where I can relax in my thoughts. I don't really meditate, I'd just want to sit alone and be peaceful in my own thoughts. Is that considered Meditating?

  4. I'm your newest follower from FMBT, come and follow me too!


  5. Can I totally have a meditation room without the meditating?!?! :)

  6. Thanks for joining us for FMBT . I am now following you back & hope to see ya every week :)
    Have a great day ,
    Staycee ( Survey Junkie )

  7. Hi! I'm here from Follow Me Back Tuesday! I'm your newest blog follower..thanks so very much for linking up!

    I'd love a meditation room! Mine is in the form of my bathroom..lol.

  8. I neeeed a meditation room. Just a room that was all my own and when I am in it, I am not to be disturbed. I might live there. ;)


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